Week 44 – Feels like last year😞
· β˜• 6 min read
I write about how much I have been procrastinating and ugh i dont remember what else I wrote issa sad blog anyway... feel free to skip it

Week 42 - Lost my Job🀧
· β˜• 9 min read
About getting fired from Avalon, restarting with my personal branded pages on Instagram and a bit about future

Week 40 - Going for a short holiday
· β˜• 8 min read
I write about Going for a short holiday after an year and few other updates plus few nice article/blog recommendations from the past week

Week 38 - Solved a rubik's cube
· β˜• 5 min read
Solved a rubik’s cube, published this blog super late, and how the week was better than the last

Week 37 - Finally got a haricut
· β˜• 5 min read
In this blog I wrtie about getting a haircut after 13months, starting a new habit and prioritizing sleep in the upcoming week