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Week 113 – Work got in the way of blog

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Kinda ok with the blog getting delayed this week because I was actually working on a website project. Once I was done I decided to play spiderman instead of writing here so kinda not ok too.

Personal Highlights

Nothing big happened this week till the end of the week when I got this Wordpress project to work on with a deadline of just 2 days. More on it in octalancer section below.



  • Gym: In terms of fitness this week was great, I worked out 5 days and took good rest in between, also did a bit of progressive overloading with lat pull downs and seated chest press after being stuck in a weight for more than a month.

Job Update

Did some small edits / changes to edits and a reel for google which has my pfp for like 1sec but Idk if that will get approved.

Octalancer Updates

Now about the Wordpress website which I did under just 2 days and all alone.

Well not exactly all alone because the friend who gave me the work was also the one who actively gave me feedback and told me about the changes and I feel he is the only reason I was able to get this website done in under 2 days.

Here is the site [Active as of 1st Septemeber 2022]

Thoughts from the past week🤔

I was thinking about 2019, the time when T-series Vs Pewdiepie happened and how much supportive I was of Pewdiepie’s side. Looking back now when I compare it with recent trendy things about which I don’t care, I wonder if I would ever side with a creator without understanding the whole context and so it makes so much sense as to why so many people supported T-series.

But Pewdiepie vs T-series wasn’t just war.

One more big thing which it did was, it sort of opened the gates of Indian meme community to Pewdiepie watchers of India, who had the same sense of humour but lacked a sense of being a part of community.

I had load more insights of the event back then and I only wish I had written about it clearly somewhere, I mean I did write in facebook copypasta groups but it was mostly one sided and I never took the time to write about Indian teenagers discovering the hidden Indian meme community because of the drama.

Opinions 🗣️

Spaced repetition and active recall work for relationships too.

My Favourites from the Week ⭐

Twitter Threads 🧵

PS: Satendra hates GS Bhogal so abse won’t be sharing his threads 🤧

Book Highlights📚



From Spark


Purchases 🛒

I got YT premium this week and I think it was sort of an impulse purchase, even though I waited for a day after first wanting to get it, so I don’t know if it was an impulse buy but even if it was I still have 30 days to cancel the subscription and not incur any financial loss.

Series 📺

House of the Dragon

S1 E01 & E02


I honestly had planned to not watch this but then I had to make a reel for Swiggy X Hotstar collab and was instructed to watch the episode in case I get anything to add from it. Although I wasn’t able to add anything from it but got hooked to the story and the timeline after watching the first episode.

Also did quite a lot of research while watching the show to find out who contributes what in the future GOT events.

Game 🎮

Spider-Man PC Remastered


I am about to finish the game and the only reason why I haven’t finished it yet is because I wanted to save it for the next blog.

Will write a bit more in-depth review upon completion.

Songs 🎶

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒

👉 Here 👈

How was your week?🧐

Coming up next week🥅

  • 3/4th of the week is already done, so yeah spoiler warning: Nothing significant.

Quote from the week📃

self-regulation is a resource that can be depleted but also recharged like a muscle. - From Spark

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I hope you found something of value from it.

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