Week 6 โ€“ Normal I guess ๐Ÿ˜ณ
· โ˜• 6 min read
This is the longest that I have been consistent with my blogs. Last year when I started with weekly blogs I think I was consistent for like 4 weeks XD However, those were topic-based and not life-based like this But I have been thinking about starting topic-based too, won’t be consistent with them but will post em once in a whole starting next week hopefully

Week 5 - On return of old emotions
· โ˜• 6 min read
This last week was quite emotionally challenging, had a bag of mixed situations which led to a lot of emotions and well it didnโ€™t go well for my mental health I had almost planned to not write this week but then again I like writing when I am anxious so I guess this weekโ€™s blog will be a good โ€ฆ a good I donโ€™t know the word something which I can take a look at future and try understanding how my mind was and how It changed.

Week 4 โ€“ blessed with more and more ... work
· โ˜• 4 min read
Itโ€™s 17th July 02:13am, at the time of me writing this, and this past week has been very unorganized and busy to say the least. I was blessed with some work and college exam(presentation), which went alright not really that good but still I am happy because I am done with college once and for all.

Week 3 โ€“ Almost missed
· โ˜• 2 min read
First of all I am sorry for the delay, I was busy with work and college final sem viva ๐Ÿคฏ Personal Highlights So I did finally reinstall my windows on my new M.2 SSD๐Ÿ˜Ž which btw was

Week 2 - Reading re-enters, Lot of thinking, Nothing ispecial
· โ˜• 6 min read
This week wasnโ€™t much of a documentable week. It was more of a work week, where I did small work for others, as of now this is how I train myself for world domination :P Personal Highlights I was troubled with my PC and spent a lot of time trying to fix an issue.

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First Weekly Blog On Turning 22, Tech and Few Recommendations I am testing out the weekly blog format so expect something like this to be delivered every week. So this week was my birthday week and I wasnโ€™t very excited which is sad because I always used to be excited as a kid but I guess as we grow, things change and we lose interest and that is what I guess happened with me too.

Welcome to my New Blogsite
· โ˜• 2 min read
Hello everyone, So finally, my first blog on my new site Yay XD I am sorry if you don’t know who i am, read the About me section maybe ๐Ÿ˜ด [Idk why the emoji code didn’t work but i’ll figure it out soon and fill my blogs with lots of emojis] ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Hello From the new Blog
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Hello Everyone This is a test blog. Anything that you see below this blog, has been taken from my old site https://teeaarbee.blogspot.com/ Also, I am building my email delivery list, so if you don’t wanna miss out on my blogs, enter your email ID below.

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So as I had promised earlier here's the name of almost all the songs that i have used in my YouTube Videos.  NOTE: some of the repetitive ones are omitted so please make sure that you check the first instance of appearance of all the songs maybe rewatch all the compilations  ๐Ÿฅถ  VOL #1 https://youtu.