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Week 7 โ€“ Social media detox review, Amazon affiliate & more

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So this week was idk very fast and I didnโ€™t have any work to do and was neither very productive
But still, in terms of learning this week was great and I will be sharing some of my insights below

Also, I will be keeping this blog short as I am already very late this time

There are a lot of things to write about but I am already very late ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Personal Highlights

  • First off dopamine media detox

    Spoiler: it was a very bad idea

And I even posted a story on it out of desperation as soon as the detox ended but then quickly deleted it as it was getting me a lot of attention which I kinda didnโ€™t like

This was the story btw


Ik very pathetic and cringe and well that is how you behave once you completely isolate yourself in every way possible while there are some thoughts going in your head.

Writing was the only thing that kept me going and I wrote a long sadly I can’t share those

Ok so bottom line: if you want to do a detox then do a social media detox but not a dopamine detox,
Social media detoxes are very important and needed tbh but dopamine detoxes are not worth it

  • I wrote a blog earlier this week on book recommendation and I added few amazon affiliate links and well people actually clicked on those and bought the books and I ended up making a very small amount of money XD


Thoughts from the past week

There were a lot of them but since I am short on time this week, I will share them later on or maybe write separate blogs on them.
I will quickly phrase a few of the titles or maybe idk like bullet points of a few of my thoughts

  • Why we act toxic sometimes [not related to memes/communities]
  • Why communities based on jokes need to be small
  • Meme pages and communities
  • generational gap in memes XD
  • How the meme ecosystem got ruined but โ€ฆ. Only for a few peeps

As you can see these topics are very complicated and will require a lot of time and effort to explain properly

And it’s not like I have all the answer to these topics or something it’s just that these were the things that I was thinking about and I did come to some small conclusions but they are sort of temporary and not very helpful so as I gain more experience and expand my spectrum of knowledge I will surely write about them in future.

Social Media updates

Was about to post that baka mita meme but then later opted out as I saw many other pages posting it and it was nothing unique I tried it with a diff song tho made vasu sing it for me on camera but .. umm he doesnโ€™t open his mouth big enough while singing so the deep fakes that came out werenโ€™t looking natural ๐Ÿคง so I decided to discard it in the last moment

And Now Finally Time For

My Favourites from the Week


None this week, didnโ€™t get time to read
Was busy reading homo deus


Again this week I ended up watching a lot of shit old movies mainly the ones from DC
I won’t give a review or anything just quickly list down their names
-man of steel
-Batman v superman
-Suicide squad

Also, I watched this movie called Me before you,

It was nice tbh a v sad movie tho still beautiful

And now some youtube videos from this week

This is perhaps my fav. from this week and not to mention this channel is now one of my fav channel idk why i didnt discover him earlier on

His videos are so neat and well explained i watched a lot of his videos this week,

including this one on copytight too, by far the best video on copyright guidelines

idk if i have shared his videos before but he is one of my fac among current indian youtubers

and then there’s this

tman never disappoints

App recommendation ๐Ÿคช

Ok so I got a few messages of people asking me for this, so this week I tried this app called

F-droid [Andorid only]

So it’s like Xposed and has a lot of small modules which donโ€™t require root
not very sure tbh but that is what I think of it thus far
and thereโ€™s a repo in it called DNS66 which basically acts as adblocker in android
Install f-droid then search for it inside the app


Kinna addicted to weekend these days

sad noises

Ik i shared it last week, but i kept listening to it anyway so here it is again


Now few Memes/Edits ๐Ÿ˜„

best one tbh

Good page

So in conclusion this week was me tryna rush the blog to the end line because I am lateโ€ฆ
Also to my surprise, I got a few peeps asking me about this weekโ€™s blog in my insta dms and tbh it was overwhelming ngl ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

PS: you donโ€™t have to signup to comment just use any random email and name, the Plugin doesn’t cross-check.

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