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Week 5 - On return of old emotions

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This last week was quite emotionally challenging, had a bag of mixed situations which led to a lot of emotions and well it didn’t go well for my mental health

I had almost planned to not write this week but then again I like writing when I am anxious so I guess this week’s blog will be a good … a good I don’t know the word something which I can take a look at future and try understanding how my mind was and how It changed.

Personal Highlights

  • A lot honestly and the sad part is I can’t document any of it publically.

    Cant trust internet enough, which brings me to one of the biggest thing I did this week and that was to wipe my multiple cloud storage accounts clean I used to backup all sorts of stuffs from everywhere online without even taking a look at them, my initial plans were to see them in the future, but back then I didn’t know about much about the internet and how there is always something to occupy our time online.

    Data hoarding is a very lucrative disease but it is also one with a lot of risks and I don’t want to risk my life over some data which I have no intention of consuming.

  • Also, I feel like ranting about Instagram group chats and how they drain our time, but it wouldn’t change your world view. If you already dislike it you will relate to it and if you don’t you will find a way to reason out of it and so I don’t feel like ranting on the culture of various group chats including discord servers online.

    It’s something a person should learn for themselves and change doesn’t occur usually unless there is some event that triggers our emotions very strongly.

In my case I have been in several group chats blah blah ok I get it you don’t wana hear about it I guess gcs and ds[discord servers] will live for another day then.. i.e., till I make a roast video on them ft. carl Newport 👿 moving on to

Thoughts from the past week

Mental health: I kinda realized that we care about mental health when we, our self-face it,

We learn to empathize when its something relatable and when we deeply care but empathy is hard to master emotion so it might to hard to when we are not going through something similar.

Kinda sounds rudimentary innit mate ? well that maybe because I am a bit down emotionally and my brain isn’t functioning like normal.

Ohhhh TRB just used the mental health card to escape his narrow world view

Honestly I have a lot of things to learn, sure I have read some epic books and some very good self help book in the past and they have taught me to be productive but there’s a lot that they didn’t teach me like how to deal with certain types of emotions.

Maybe it was written there but I wasn’t paying attention because we only pay attention to what we feel is necessary at the moment

However I still have a lot of time to learn and maybe I will learn from my mistakes and learn to react better when emotions give dhoka …

Past traumas are sure subject of memes and joke but I realized the effect irl lmao which is kinda funny tho I mean it will be in the future

So bottom line is whatever is going to happen to me I will write blogs/books[XD] about it but first I must survive it

Social Media updates

Hey I posted a video to my main after a while and it was a collaboration with mememandir remember him? the top meme guy from 2017 yeah

And Now Finally Time For

My Favourites from the Week


Why Constant Learners All Embrace the 5-Hour Rule

I got to know about theses from Thomas frank’s latest video, i recomend you watch that

Video workflows Guide

If you are in the field of video production wether that be making youtube videos or working on freelancing or personal projects then you should definitely read this guide


Well, I just took a look at my yt liked videos and realized that I haven’t watched many videos this week and I don’t think any particular topic was trending in general, this week.

Also this week I was busy watching few movies … the first was batman begins and then I watched dark knight I have watched the dark knight trilogy twice in the past but still felt like revisiting batman and so I did.

Also watched dil Bechara too
I did watch a youtube video this morning too it was by exurb1a one of my all time fav channels and he uploaded after a long time

The video is on kindness and compassion.

App recommendations

idk never used one

MUSIC recommendations

The thing with being anxious is you listen to a lot of them but here are few


Now few Memes/Edits

  • nah not really in mood of memes this week, will share next week maybe

Thank you if you read all those anxiety related stuff above now I do have people online to vent out things and I do really appreciate them so a special shoutout to all those close friends whom I have at least told how I was feeling.

I don’t really trust anyone with all the information so I break it into chunks and tell different people different things and it helps me. At least does the illusion of help also one more thing that I really like is writing and I don’t know why I was avoiding the blog I felt great after writing it, I know a very few people actually read everything but this blog project is for my future and so I will try my best and continue
However if I don’t post next week please forgive me, I will try my best to document more in the coming future.

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😈

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