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Week 3 – Almost missed

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First of all I am sorry for the delay, I was busy with work and college final sem viva 🀯

Personal Highlights

So I did finally reinstall my windows on my new M.2 SSD😎 which btw was a birthday gift from @technical_bhurji

I did it on Tuesday, I guess. Not to mention the process wasn’t seamless and I faced quite a lot of problems and had to spend hours anxiously tweaking the bios only to leave it at default settings by the end πŸ₯΄

But I did end up fixing everything and reinstalling all applications but wasn’t able to set up my blogging software[s], it actually isn’t one simple software or website where I write these blogs it’s a bit more complicated but thanks to Rohit for helping me set it up for the second time 😌

Mental thoughts from the past week

I don’t remember!!!
Oh I just checked my quick note taking word document and found out few points 🀩

  • so I age restricted My first meme compilation video on youtube, it sort of contained a lot of swear words but the thing is I made that back in 2017 and back then it didn’t really matter to me much,

    not that it does now but still I don’t want kids below 18 to watch my old video and draw assumption

    β€œhow cute TRB, you think age restricting will …”

    Well I just felt like doing it, also I remember 2 years ago me posting a story about how YouTube age restricted one of my video, well those age restrictions were removed after a while but look how things have changed 😢

  • Another thing which really interested me this week was Automation, more over the idea of learning and trying to automate as many things as possible.

    Well it was always interesting to me but in the last few years I developed this boomer pov which goes like if we automate everything we will just become lazy or something

    I think differently, now I have this mental model which sort of promotes automation,
    there are so many things to be learnt and so many things to be learnt so if we automated the task we are already familiar then with we can spend much more time pursuing the things we want to learn/enjoy

    Not to mention automation as of now doesn’t come easy it’s a big task in itself to learn and implement in the first place[Maybe i will capitalize on it in the future by making it easily accessible]

    and so I was thinking of learning python to automate few of my task and the inspiration of this came from a video which took me to this website: automatetheboringstuff
    and from here on my enthusiasm skyrocketed, I hope I can make time for learning this in the near future

Social Media updates

Didn’t post anything was bizi 🀬
But I got a big surprise planned for next week 😏

And Now Finally Time For

My Favourites from the Week


2010’s Decade Review, Part 1: The Origin of 2010’s Memecultures

No words …


I have a lot, but I am gonna share only a few of em

  • on TikTok Ban



App recommendation πŸ€ͺ

No app recommendation this week 🀬
Phone storage decreases gradually


idk i dont remember listening to this i guess accidentally liked it

卐 easter egg 🀬

alright i ll share sad songs too in the future when heart bireks again and i dont use cringy words like these 🀭

Now few Memes/Edits


Since y’all read itna niche tak here’s a great website where you can find many links to free courses online
not only that there’s even link of free netflix documentaries and stuff:
Free Online Learning Due to Coronavirus (Updated Continuously)

So I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😈

PS: you dont have to signup to comment just use any random email and name, the Plugin doesn’t cross check.

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Also we hit 100πŸŽ‰ blog subscribers 😍 ik it aint much but given the fact that I havent been very relevant lately
but still managed to get 100 people to sign up for emails i think is funny i think

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