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Week 4 – blessed with more and more ... work

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It’s 17th July 02:13am, at the time of me writing this, and this past week has been very unorganized and busy to say the least.

I was blessed with some work and college exam(presentation), which went alright not really that good but still I am happy because I am done with college once and for all.

Well please don’t ask me what’s next because I am myself not sure and tbh quite confused atleast I hope I don’t end up taking a passion for studying butterflies [haha 20yo Charles Darwin refernce ok sorry].

Personal Highlights

So a few things happened irl and by irl I mean ivl(in virtual life) because that is the only sort of life that I have been living for the past few weeks.
Well and things didn’t turn out to be tragic else I would have written something sad I guess lol

Mental thoughts from the past week

  • Endings are always unexpected, always knew it but was made well aware of it in jreg’s video, where he talked about his youtube channel, and I felt like that concept really applies to basically everything in life

For life is ever changing and that is the only thing that has remained constant about it.

Social Media updates

I didn’t actually post anything despite having a big post planned which I will hopefully post tomorrow
But I did something interesting and kinda wrote about it in facebook

Maybe I will write a separate blog on how I did it, because not only it’s a bit complicated but also because I might end up forgetting this in the future as it is not something that I don’t do daily

And Now Finally Time For

My Favourites from the Week


Content blindness by @pewtonn


This week it was Shubham Mishra everywhere, and all the Indian youtubers were talking about how what he did was wrong and tbh I was really disappointed to see youtubers totally ignore the joke-part of the girl and just focus on the abuse of Shubham Mishra.

Not only that I have heard youtubers straight up say that she cracked an offensive joke.

And others straight up saying it was an unfunny joke, totally ignoring the context and the time of the original act

Now I understand as to why youtubers would say so, to be on the safer side ofc
Maybe if I was a youtuber I would have made a different sort of video and actually cracked few religious jokes and get beaten 😌

With all that being said here are some videos from the past week

It was all over the internet this past week and even ritviz appreciated it i guess also not to mention his song got stuck in my head XD

If there’s one video that you need to watch, then this is it. Also absolutelt love the way she epicly destroyed video essaiest without any fancy editing XD take notes y’all 😼

very intresting video even if you arent into tech

If you enjoy watching gaming videos then give this a try 😌👌

Absolutely loved this one😌. very wholesome video ngl 💖

App recommendation 🤪

  • No app recommendation this week either because i am not getting enough time to test out apps and i dont wanna blatantly receomdn apps without trying


I had planned to share a buncha sad songs if things went wrong XD unfortunately it didn’t phew
So here are some generic songs

From the south indian x anime meme XD


Now few shitposts/ 😄

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😈

PS: you dont have to signup to comment just use any random email and name, the Plugin doesn’t cross check.

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