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Book Recommendations 📚

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So this is a bit different from my usual blogs.

It’s basically a list of my fav books.

I will start by putting a list of books that I have read, and then I will list down the ones that I havent read yet.

Investing money into a book is a very good way of getting into reading, if you are one of those people who download a lot of pirated books and then never actually read them, its beacuse you havent really invested much into them and that is why you take them for granted.

So buying a paperback or a Kindle/ipad is a very good way of getting into the habit of reading.

I will soon write a blog on how to stay consistent with reading but for now consider purchasing a book first.

Also if you are going for paperbacks then try avoiding the cheaper versions as they are moslty locally printed with bad quality ink and so you wont be able to see the pictures clearly if there are any in the book, also the paper quality is crap ngl.

Without any further adieu, Here’s the list of books

(These are the ones that I have read myself)

Name Personal Review Affiliate Links
Sapiens This is probably my fav book so far, and i guess i have talked about it in tman’s podcast earlier this year. On Amazon
Atomic Habits Now like most other people i have grown to personally dislike the genre of self help but this book still stands top of my fav list.
This book helped me in developing good habits and understanding the science behind them, in short this book was a life changer for me and i am not even exaggerating
On Amazon
Flow Now this is a book i would like to recommend to almost everyone,
This book is surely going to change your perspective on happiness and work
On Amazon
Factfulness This is the most positive book that i have ever read, if you are scared of the future try giving this a read, it will surely change your perspective On Amazon
Man’s search for meaning Pewdiepie did a review of this watch that On Amazon
Homo Deus Again harari continues his legacy of sapiens in this sort of sequel i guess, basically its about the future of humanity On Amazon
Deep Work I actually listened to the audiobook version of this during my early morning runs, and it was the first audiobook that i had ever listened to, what followed was a chain of changed perspective on a lot of things On Amazon
Digital Minimalism For all the social media addicts out there, and if you think you are not addicted then this is specifically for you On Amazon
Thinking fast and slow I have only half read it thus far, idk everytime i start i feel like reading some other book XD but still this is like the most popular book of psychology for normal peeps and business dudes, a must read if you are interested in the field of economics of psychology On Amazon
Psychology Its a very short intro to some of the very popular schools of psychology/ different experiments and techniques about psychology and from where they came On Amazon

So those were some of the books that i have read so far,except 2 XD

Now a list of books that i have wishlisted/ordered/have in my self and which i am sure i will be reading in the future

21 Lessons for the 21st Century Wish List
Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams Wish List
The Knowledge Illusion: The myth of individual thought and the power of collective wisdom Half Listened and then my audio subsccription ended ig, will buy the book soon
The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich Ordered
Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Wish List
The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy) Ordered
War Of Art Wish List :(
The Personal MBA: A World-Class Business Education in a Single Volume In shelf
Why Men Rape: An Indian Undercover Investigation Wish List
The Body: A Guide for Occupants Wish List
1984 In shelf

Aight so that’s about it for the recommendations!!!
I will keep updating this page in the book so if you want you can bookmark the webpage

will also link it in my Insta highlights for more ease

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