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Week 6 – Normal I guess 😳

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This is the longest that I have been consistent with my blogs.

Last year when I started with weekly blogs I think I was consistent for like 4 weeks XD

However, those were topic-based and not life-based like this

But I have been thinking about starting topic-based too, won’t be consistent with them but will post em once in a whole starting next week hopefully

Personal Highlights

Anxiety is gone 🦀 and I think I kinda got lucky this time and there’s a chance of it happening again in the future maybe.

I got lucky in a sense that the triggers didn’t take place as last week, it would ‘ve been better if I completely discarded them and ended the source, but you know we are all humans and we kinda wanna stick to things from where we anticipate something sweet.

A small gamble perhaps

Will keep the blogs updated on the situation and how I cope up in case of a future catastrophe
Also, I didn’t take up much work this week, wanted to sort of stay away, not sure if that was the right thing to do but yeah

Thoughts from the past week

In case you didn’t notice I renamed this point from mental thoughts to just thoughts, because Grammarly suggested me to do so 😌

Damn the software controlling human thing has started already

  • On being consistent with blogging: Thanks to this post by James clear

    I got reminded of consistency and how I can improve if I continue posting here.

    I mean I might write garbage now but if continue. There’s a chance of me improving at least in terms of writing and self-expression in the future.

    Every time I write here or create any piece of content I always find flaws in my final output and think of things I could have done better, and sometimes that includes not posting XD

But I don’t let that to stop myself from posting it on the internet.

Sure I am scared of judgements and feedbacks from people and usually, I do that way before others and so don’t find them helpful sometimes with video editing* and meme related things I don’t find the feedback helpful

But when it comes to writing. Feedbacks mean a lot to me and I often deliberately ask for it
I must say, I have never gotten any very upsetting feedback tho and that is because I am new and small in the things that I do
I wonder how things will change in the future tho

  • Which reminds me of another big change that happened this week,

    The Indian Education System changed, like holyshit

    The new system even tho very theoretical, it is def a step towards a better future, I believe we can never change overnight but only through deliberate efforts, and changing the system is definitely more than just a first few steps towards a better future

I am really excited and jealous at the same time, because not only I am done with school but also done with college :((

Social Media updates

Hey trb.writes returned this week …but sadly only a day : (

Honestly, I like making Carousel for the page but the thing is, it is very time-consuming.

I feel like hiring someone to edit and make the post while I give them content but then again it would take the TRB element away I think, also I will miss all the fun of creating the post myself, also I don’t have enough money yet 😝

And Now Time For

My Favourites from the Week


How Deep is Challenger Deep?

Thanks to Rohit for sending it to me this morning


This week again there were less of yt videos and more of amazon prime videos

I completed the dark knight trilogy by watching the dark knight rises for the 3rd time

Then I watched some documentary on data, yes The Joy of Data, it was alright I wish I had watched this earlier then maybe I would have been more respectable towards Shanon when his theories were being taught in college

Another movie I watched was: planet hulk and well it sucked : (

However, the last movie that I watched this week this was batman hush and well it wasn’t very disappointing I liked the story.

Ok so now that I am done with TRB reviews absolute random movies, lets come to YouTube videos

This is basically pewdiepie’s video on twitter ka desi version

However this has a lot of dislikes 🤬😞 Her video is good tho, try giving it a watch.

Again John Fish is among one of my fav creators out there. He is also one my book reading inspirer.

  • soon enough i will have to face this too, dont know how i will dodge the bullet, but one thing i know is that i will write about it 😌

Will try to do it this week and share my results in next blog

App recommendation 🤪


Lately I have been using this to fix the errors in my blogs, previously I use to ask my friends but that was more time consuming, the free version works fine for me.


For getting streamkeys for your desktop insta livestream

For more watch this video



Now few Memes/Edits 😄

Please donate smh 😤

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😈

PS: you don’t have to signup to comment just use any random email and name, the Plugin doesn’t cross-check. But it would be nice if you just made a profile in Disqus and saved it in your device so you don’t have to login or enter details every time

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