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Week 1 - On Turning 22, Tech and Few Recommendations

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First Weekly Blog

On Turning 22, Tech and Few Recommendations

I am testing out the weekly blog format so expect something like this to be delivered every week.

So this week was my birthday week and I wasn’t very excited which is sad because I always used to be excited as a kid but I guess as we grow, things change and we lose interest and that is what I guess happened with me too.

Personal Highlights

The biggest highlight from this week was that i turned 22, eh turns out forever 21 was a scam afterall

Lately I have been very interested in various web based software(s) and I ended up spending quite a lot of time in multiple online forums as I saw my interest in tech return after like 5 long years.

It’s funny how I was in some way or other connected to the world of computers and software for the last 5 years and I didn’t feel much interested, now that I am about to graduate I find it coming back 😃 great!

So what was it that I was exploring in the world of internet this week ?

It was Google Colab
Which is a free cloud based python complier that sort of supports a variety of tasks and is like a virtual computer which we can run for 12 hours straight without much of our own resources being used.

And google colab forced me to experiment and learn various other small softwares like jdownloader and youtube-dl, which I had ignored in the past. I am sorry if you are finding all these very geeky, I’ll try and make a separate blog on it.

Mental thoughts from the past week

So, I have been thinking a lot about content creation and blogging in this generation of short video clips, definitely seems like a step backward if you are looking from a perspective of growth.

But the thing is, lately I have been more conscious about personal growth rather than let’s say Analytical growth [Growth in terms of internet numbers]

Personal growth can’t really be traced like that it’s a andar ki baat. Also we can use this as an excuse XD which I do. Guess because I just find myself confused hope I understand all these things clearly in the future but till then I am just going to fake it. 😎

Social Media updates

Didn’t post anything except a few insta stories and a female version of my page avatar

And it ended up generating this

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Me and the girls @teeeaaarbeee ki birthday kitty party

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And this, mainly because it was my birthday lol

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@teeeaaarbeee ki kitty party

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And Now Finally Time For

My Favourites from the Week


Also shoutout to Theory of Nothing These blog is also run by few of meme friends so if you wana spend your time by reading good blogs you can do so anytime.

  • I guess most of you reading this are in age group of 14-20 but still it’s a good read maybe bookmark the link for later read`

A guide to how and what you should be doing/chasing in your 20s 🤠

This is definitely not the original source of the article it’s a repost from some other hacking forum, which I guess someone might be taken from somewhere else and modified nevertheless the tips mentioned are actually very good so felt like sharing


Since it’s the first week lets keep it simple and light and lemme share some youtube drama related stuffs that I enjoyed watching

A very visually pleasing video by papaocus, the points that he mentioned are solid too but everytime I watch his video I feel like some points were missing or were not how I wanted it to be. I mean ocus is smart but not oversmart like me xddd ok coming to the next video

It’s a explanation/breakdown video by @camera.boyz a must see for the 14yo carry fans ig

This is more of a recent video, lately normie noob has been uploading fire content on YouTube I recommend y’all to check him out.

Umm if you like WWE then maybe you will find this interesting.

Interesting video essay rusty talks about the future of Instagram

Anosher Talks about how he the usage of the word “ROAST” has changed overtime, And I find things related to evolution interesting so felt like sharing 😌

App recommendation 🤪

Dolby On: Record Audio & Music: If you don’t have a computer and use only mobile to record audio then maybe consider giving this a shot.

MUSIC recommendation cuz why not XD

[nice and coonl]

[This instantly reminded me of YT rewind XD]

[Instantly reminds me of casey neistat 🥺, coz he used this in one of his vlog back in 2017]

[I had a toy car which played this song]

[If you crush ka name is swati well then congratulations]

Now few Memes/Edits to end things on a lighter note 😄

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It's not even ironic anymore

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1st post 😳🤲

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Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😈

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