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Week 110 – Eight Months of having a Job

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Sorry for the delay in the blog. I don’t know what caused it, couldn’t be my lack of motivation to write instead of consuming media, must be the overwhelming weight of my multiple thoughts.

Personal Highlights



  • Gym: Another great week at the gym but also I have some gym thoughts, Which sparked after I watched some YT videos and tried implementing them in gym.

    So the suggestions from the videos were to push till failure and only then our muscles can grow, and so when I tried to do that in the gym I observed that some exercises are easier than others to push till failure, for example, bench presses are very easy to push till failure it’s either you can do it or you can’t but on the contrary dumbbell presses aren’t that black and white,

    With dumbbell presses/ply once I start nearing failure I feel like I mess up the form to get the extra reps which are nowhere near failure, and so it gets hard to follow the push till failure in those exercises.


  • Reading: Cancelled my Kindle Unlimited Subscription this week, I feel like my comic fever has somewhat disappeared as I have started enjoying reading non-fiction once again.

Optimization and Organization

created an e-mandate for my monthly small case.

My bank did not support e-mandate and so I was never able to set up automatic payments but recently meri dimaag ki batti jali and I added Paytm payments bank in my brokerage account and was able to set up e-mandate using that.

Job Update

The company where I work completed a year this week and I couldn’t help but compare it with the journey of Octalancer which also started at around the same time last year lmao πŸ₯²

Anyway I feel the journal of Stonks Studios has been epic, I mean they still don’t have a website.

Continue reading the Job update below in the thoughts section …

Octalancer Updates

Things have started once again after we got an advance from a client so hopefully, by the next 2 weeks, we will have completed the website.

Thoughts on having a Job for so longπŸ€”

I think this is also a good time to write about how grateful I am for the job but I feel it’s a bit personal and don’t know if it fits well with the .. ok ok I am gonna write why I am grateful about the job. For me personally it’s a great safety net and also something I can show to my family while I daydream of becoming a SaaS emperor someday 😝 The stability of salary is not only personally comforting but also sort of acts like a proof of work to society that would otherwise term dreamers like me as jobless 😀

It’s actually quite hard to survive and build something on your own when you don’t have a great network and I feel that is where this job is the most helpful for me as it allows me to buy some time. Who knows what tomorrow might hold but today I have this job and I am grateful.

Thank you! speech over.

PS: I am not being held hostage at gunpoint by Simran and Manoj while I write this haha πŸ˜…

Opinions πŸ—£οΈ

My Favourites from the Week ⭐

Blogs/Articles πŸ“‘

I don’t feel guilty for not reading blogs anymore 😐

Book HighlightsπŸ“š



From Spark


Purchases πŸ›’

I purchased my first-ever protein supplement.

Series πŸ“Ί

Breaking Bad S5


Finished the last season of breaking bad πŸ§ͺ

Remember last week when I said they undid Walt’s character arch a bit in S4 and will likely compensate by making him more badass in S5, well turns out that they went a bit overboard with making him a badass, so much so that they made him a villain 😧

I liked Walt till S4 but the last season made me dislike and feel disgusted at his actions.

It was for me an example of the extent to which smart guys can go by rationalising their actions.

PS: don’t come at me with this sentence in the future when I am convicted πŸ€’

Anyway, other than that I feel that the series ended just like it should have it was the perfect bitter-sweet ending for Walt and he deserved nothing more. XD

Movie πŸŽ₯

I decided not to watch El Camino the sequel movie of breaking bad which was released in 2019 (6 years after the series) on what happens to Jesse Pinkman because for me the ending of the show was enough and I don’t want to know what’s gonna happen to any of them, not only that I also feel like if a sequel takes any more than 3 years then it’s not really a sequel because beyond that point the person writing changes a lot and not to mention the change in the socio-economic landscape of his environment.

Tech Tip πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Connect Alexa to your PC browser using Vicky

Songs 🎢

Podcast πŸŽ™

Listening to a vedant rusty podcast ft. Varun Mayya.

Its almost 4 hours long so it’s taking some time.

Memes/Edits from the last week πŸ’

πŸ‘‰Β HereΒ πŸ‘ˆ

How was your week?🧐

Coming up next weekπŸ₯…

  • New beginnings now that I have finished breaking bad I feel like getting back to working and doing something productive if not meaningful πŸ€’

Quote from the weekπŸ“ƒ

I did it for myself, I liked it, I felt alive - Walter White

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