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Week 9 – New Love

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This week was a lot fun, and by fun i mean i discovered and explored a new Note taking app.

Also the blog is slightly delayed… I keep delaying it by a day to maintain 4 blogs per month type of schedule.

Also just to compensate for the delay i will make this blog a bit longer.

Personal Highlights

  • The Biggest personal highlight from the past week was perhaps the discovery of this app i talked above and its called notion .

    The app is really very great and i will be publishing a dedicated blog on it, but that i will do like after a month or so, because its basically a life/work/knowledge management app and its very huge, yet very exciting to learn and work with.

    And so i will need to invest a lot of time to properly understand and play with the app, and only then i will be able to write a good blog.

    • well you might be thinking that’s all nice and πŸ†’, but what’s in store for us ? why are you writing about this app ? and how is this relevant to helpful to us ?

      Well here comes the nice part, so what this app will enable me to do is it will help me to me to organize my workflow and data in such a way that i will be able to churn out more content, so basically this to going to make me much more productive, at least in theory.

      and when it does you will know i.e., you will see me putting out more content in the future if I am able to utilize the app properly.

    So for now only time will tell as to how this piece of software is going to help shape my future.

    • Not only that this app has also already enabled me to document stuffs more and capture more of my ideas earlier i used to do some of it in google keep and some of it in word documents but this app has everything in one place which makes it a lot easier.

    Damn this looks like a paid review but isn’t, its just that good and what is good needs to be appreciated. However this blog isnt enough so i will be writing a dedicated blog on my new love Notion.

Thoughts from the past week

  • I actually have a lot of thoughts captured from the past week, but i want to write dedicated blogs on them and not just randomly dump them here.

    So i will start writing dedicated blogs on them this week

    • I am going to just highlight a few key topics on which i plan to write in the future
      • Content creation wrt value
      • Content creators
      • Content consumption
      • On ranting
      • Why I write blogs ?

Social Media updates

  • Also I came live to insta this week, after like 2+years, the last time i came live with my voice was on the 18th of june 2018 XD

The livestream was just a small step from my side to gain a bit more confidence
And maybe one day i will look back at the things that i am trying out now for the sake of personal development and be happy or …. be happy anyway πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ˆ

And Now Finally Time For

My Favorites from the Week



This week i spent a lot of time watching videos related to notion and different things that can be done with it but i guess i will share those videos later on in my dedicated notion blog.

This last One is best

App recommendation πŸ€ͺ

None other than


Songs 🎢🎡

I discovered a new Indian guy, he is new but I instantly liked all his music.. good stuff i must say

Also How have i not mentioned this song by @bhuslogic


Now Few Random

Now few Memes/Edits πŸ˜„

This meme is like 3 year late XD


Also I am planning to make some chnages to the structure of weekly blogs, maybe will introduce few more things like podcast recommendation and also planning to do something like a planned video recommended video watching thing were i will mention an unwatched video and we will watch it as per our time and maybe then next week i can comment on it… something like that.. idk lemme know if you like the the rough pitch

Also thanks a lot for replying to my last week’s question

Imma be honest with you, the question had kinda lost its relevancy for me but your recorded answers will def help me in the future if i face something similar again.

also, Gotta get into the habit of pressing shift while typing I

I wrote this in notion without auto grammar correction turned on, so lemme know if there are any mistakes 

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😈

PS: you don’t have to signup to comment just use any random email and name, the Plugin doesn’t cross check.

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