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Week 50 – Golden jubilee edition Blog 😎πŸ₯‡

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Damn 50 weeks of consistent writing 🀯

Not sure how I managed to pull it off πŸ™‡β€β™‚β€
I mean I know how, but just tryna act humble and normal infront of you unproductive twats 🀭

Personal Highlights

Talking about unproductive, this week was one of ‘em. 😌🀑

Read only fiction just like last week

Returns next week img

Did not workout much but walked a lot more this week, compared to previous weeks.


So, I did not start with html but I watched around 30-40 mins of content everyday on optimizing linkedin, thanks to the Vaibav Sisinty course which I took.

Got to learn quite a few things, most of which I already knew but still it acted as a nice gentle reminder and I think it was pretty valid for β‚Ή500

Unlike last week, this week I did not have any external work.
Well this is the thing about working for others you don’t know when you are going to be free.

Personal Project Updates

you made progress on the meme mashup right? meme


I did make β€˜some’ progress ngl but if I worked as much as I work on freelance projects then the mashup would have been finished by now.

This is what happens when we care too much about freedom and creativity and making it right 🀧

But anyway next week I will be having a lot of work but I will still try and finish the video by my birthday and probably try to publish it on that day 🀞

Thoughts from the past week

Not sure what to talk about this week as this week I was mostly thinking about starting a company(A freelance agency) for giving and getting a lot of works and focusing 100% on freelancing and making money.

As in the last last few years I haven’t been fully commited to it. I mean I have been doing it but not very seriously . I have always had making content for my page in the back of my head but as you know that didn’t quite happen and neither was I able to get very high quality freelance clients because I did not focus on it whole heartedly or that is what I believe!

So starting from the next month I am planning to invest all my time and energy into starting a company along with a few internet friends maybe where we will do freelance thing v seriously and hope for the best.

In my experince I don’t think I lack connections of workers / editor who would love to get some work but as it follows they don’t and so they get busy with their stuff and drop the idea of freelancing.

I could have been one of them if Avalon gave me a permanent Naukri 🀧 but ab nikaal dea hain toh khud se Avalon banaunga main 😀✌

thukra k mera pyaar jpg


Social Media updates

As usual twitter only

Also I spent considerably less amount of time on social media this week and so did not post a lotta insta stories.

My Favourites from the Week

Blogs/Articles πŸ“‘

I did read some blogs but they are not something very unique and not share worthy maybe I will find something nice next week!


Movies πŸŽ₯

I re-watched quite a lot of movies this week

  • Hera Pheri

    What a wholesome ending man! Call me old fashioned but I will always love happy ending over realistic portrayal of a twisted ending 🀧

  • Thor I

    Rewatched it after quite a while, the movie has very few actions scene, I mean for a superhero movie this movie is too bland

  • Avengers 2012


  • Thor III [Ragnanork]
    I remember bunking few of my classes in my college first sem to go watch this with a school friend 😌

    About the movie though… it’s nice and quite funny..sometimes a bit too much I mean they tried to make it funnier. Does it work? Sure, I am not a movie critic so I go lightly on movies and for me it’s alright.

    Also you might have noticed I skipped Thor II because I don’t remember that movie very nicely. All I remember is that it was very boring and I fell asleep midway when I was watching it for the first time in 2013/14, also, I think that was my last time I watched it πŸ₯±

The reason why I watched so many thor related movies is because I was hyping myself up for LOKI

Series πŸ“Ί

loki s1

I loved the first episode, really excited to see how they shape the upcoming episodes 😌

I would personally love to see Deadpool come and attack the TVA 🀭

Oh fuck I did a quick google search and found out something similar has happened in the comics before 😳

App(s) πŸ“±

Say Bye-Bye to Youtube Ads

Skip All
This android app mutes your phone when an ads plays on the official youtube app
Further more it automatically clicks on the skip ad button if available 🀯

SponsorBlock for YouTube - Skip Sponsorships
Now this a chrome extension which automatically skips the sponsored section of the video 🀯

Songs 🎢

Very beautiful! Also, personal recommendation do give it a listen 🎢

Podcast(s) πŸŽ™

Memes/Edits from the last week πŸ’


What else did I do this week?

Arranged files in my pc
Last week I did not have any goal but still I spent quite some amount of my time this week organizing files and folders in my pc.

It is something that I never see people do and I used to be one of them few years back but overtime I have started understanding the importance of keeping my pc organized, neat and clean πŸ’…

However I have over 3-4tb of files on my pc and so you can guess how hard it is for me to keep everything organized πŸ₯Ά
The biggest organization hack is probably to delete files though, as these days we can get almost anything with just one search so it’s useless to hold old files in pc.

I used to have a sort of datahoarder mindset and kept a backup of everything back in 2014-15 but nowadays I just delete as much as I can.

Hired people
So last week for the first time ever I hired few peeps to do my work 🀯

Also, it was my first unofficial trb recruitment XD
As I paid a friend of mine to proof read and fix grammar in the blog 😳

And not only that, I also paid another friend from my college to do a graphic design work that was given to me😌

So all in all, I spent money on others for probably the first time 😌

Goal(s) for the next week πŸ₯…

It will be to wake up b/w 6 to 7am everyday no matter what and that requires sleeping by 10:30 and so that will be my goal for the next week.
Except the night before my bday tho 😈

I am just ironically hyping it, I know its going to be sad and lonely like last year or maybe worse πŸ˜¨πŸ˜–πŸ˜”

Quote(s) from the weekπŸ“ƒ

A wealth of options creates a poverty of commitment.

This is from few weeks back, I forgot to share it here earlier but this is something that I have been trying to put into words for a long time and satendra sent me this one day in between some conversation 😌

Thanks for reading this week’s blog.
I hope you found something of value from it.

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