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Week 45 - Instagram as a commitment device was a good idea

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So I am writing this using my new keyboard which I got day before yesterday and guess what day before yesterday was?

It was the day this blog was supposed to come out but didn’t because I got busy with making a post for trb.writes,
which felt like a great excuse to skip and postpone the blog but guess what happened next?

I was able to neither make the Instagram post for the page nor was I able to post my blog 😩

Personal Highlights

Anyway this week was far better than any other weeks in the past month thanks to my commitment of posting my habit tracker update to my Instagram story every night.

It really helped me to get atleast the bare minimum done. It isn’t enough but its better to get atleast that much done instead of skipping small habits.
Also like I said before this week marks the return of the old format and here it is

    I meditated almost everyday for atleast like 5-8mins.
    I don’t have any screenshot to show as I used my phone’s timer app to do it and did not use any app.

    However I think I will soon go back to using some sort of app to guide my meditation process.
    Unguided is better but I am not there yet.

    I worked out everyday except every 4th day which is like my rest day.


I know it might sound funny but I workout for like only 7-10mins everyday, I believein starting small and consistent supremacy.

    I did read everyday but I did not read enough and my reading wasn’t very homogenous what I mean by that is I read diff stuff on diff days with no set goal or context in mind.

    I think for this week I am going to stick with just one book and try to finish it first before moving randomly to a lot of other books.

    Sleeping schedule is kinda messed up as I don’t have to wake up early in the morning to go for run 😐

Thoughts from the past week


I don’t see making technical educational content as a mean of passive income because of the rate at which tools are getting obsolete

Social Media updates

So I finally posted the Swades X Gimme love edit which I had planned on my mind for a while on my edits page

This surprisingly look a lot more than I anticipated 🤐

I also tried writing a twitter thread this week but it was bad both in terms of knowledge and writing XD

Also here is the post on my other page for which my blog got delayed this week.

I actually read this part of the book over an year ago, I think in early 2020 however back then I did not have any text wala page on insta :P
This resurfaced few weeks ago when I started reading the book Why we sleep by Mathew walker.

Personal Project Updates

Now that I am done with a new post for all my pages I can get working on the half done meme music mashup and so I will do starting this week 😼

My Favourites from the Week

No blogs / twitter thread

Recommendations this week as I did not get time to read em and tbh didn’t even feel like reading it.

Book Highlights📚

If you are trying to stay awake late into the night by drinking coffee, you should be prepared for a nasty consequence when your liver successfully evicts the caffeine from your system: a phenomenon commonly known as a “caffeine crash.” Like the batteries running down on a toy robot, your energy levels plummet rapidly. You find it difficult to function and concentrate, with a strong sense of sleepiness once again.

First, after waking up in the morning, could you fall back asleep at ten or eleven a.m.? If the answer is “yes,” you are likely not getting sufficient sleep quantity and/or quality. Second, can you function optimally without caffeine before noon? If the answer is “no,” then you are most likely self-medicating your state of chronic sleep deprivation.

If you didn’t set an alarm clock, would you sleep past that time? (If so, you need more sleep than you are giving yourself.)

From Why we Sleep by Mathew walker

Another one

There is a flow of money around you every single day, every single second, wherever you are. It’s like an invisible river flowing just above you. That’s the economy.

The amount of money you can take from this flowing river is the amount of value you can add to it. You’re free to take as much money as you want from this river; no limits. The only rule is that you have to put in value that is equal to or more than the money you take.

From Pyjama Profit by Varun Mayya


COVID-19 💉


Tech and prodictivity

Movies 🎥

6 underground
I have been wanting to watch it for a long time now and so I finally did but didn’t find it enjoyable enough, I mean I like the concept of the movie but not the way it has been executed idk maybe I just wanted to watch it for ryan renolds but either way if they make a sequel I am not going to watch XD

Series 📺

Started watching invincible this Sunday on amazon prime, after seeing a lot of memes on it.
Will continue watching that after I am done publishing this blog 🥵

Songs 🎶

Podcast(s) 🎙

It was nice and chill as usual and I got to know a lil bit more about ali I guess nothing else.

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒


Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

  • Goal will be to keep up the habit tracker commitment thingy as it made me do more than I usually do this past week.

  • Other than that I am planning to add something else to the list but I am not very sure about it but still I think I will add playing keyboard to the coming week’s habit tracker.

Quote(s) from the week📃

My new keyboard

Aight that’s about it for this week oh and btw this is the keyboard that I bought for myself, its mechanical and and has kailk brown switches which I have been told is the closest thing to cherry mx brown.


Redgear Invador MK881 Mechanical Keyboard

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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