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Week 43 – Kinda like not having a job😈

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This week was kind of an uh idk old normal week I guess

Personal Highlights

  • Not having a job after so many months is quite nice and relaxing.

I don’t have to consistently think about finishing my work during the day.

Not having to worry about work is nice but it also kinda makes me feel like I am not doing a lot.
Now that I don’t have a job I cant use it as a justification, which tbh I used to do everywhere I could XDD

I remember giving job-related excuses here, on my social media, and mostly to my family

About time I become more accountable now😤

  • I did meditate and go for runs this week but the stats aren’t as good as they used to be so those are again work in progress

  • I haven’t started tracking my habits and time like I used to do a few months back but I am going to start all those again from the 1st of May.

Maybe doing that will make me more habit focused like before thus helping me make more progress towards my goal💆‍♂‍

Thoughts from the past week


It feels a little weird this week to talk about anything other than COVID.

The cases are increasing rapidly and as much as I would like to ignore all that and just focus on myself and talk about knowledge and stuff, the world wouldn’t accept it as this is something that concerns everyone.

Last year when the lockdown started I was still in my college and I thought all these would end in a month or two.
Even though I knew statistically that wasn’t possible but It was just my rough guess and well we all know what happened after that the entire world went through a transition and everything changed.

I gave my final college semester via google meet [It was just a presentation] my uni didn’t make us write exams online and decided to give us an easy exit lol and just like that my college life ended and it still at times feel very surreal also not to mention I did not go through any zoom class thing.

As I was mostly an introvert and stayed indoors I was fortunate enough to not face a lot of downsides of the pandemic.
I even got freelancing work sitting at home and that took care of my personal needs.

I didn’t quite take the whole pandemic thing seriously I mean i did follow protocols but wasn’t affected emotionally in anyway as I am usually very optimistic about the future and I avoid the news for the most part but that is just me being fortunate enough to have the resources and ideas that support that world view.

But last month when I went out for the first time in a while and visited my hometown I got to know a lot of stories of how the pandemic had actually affected real people and it was only then I realized how much of a big thing this is.
If I stop looking at my world and just focus on the world it’s just v sad to see how things are turning out to be. 300k plus cases per day is no small thing and while most of us cant do a lot to help, we can still at least take care of ourselves and our family.

I know most of the people reading this are already aware of it and so saying this won’t make much of a difference but I would still like to re-inform you that please wear a double mask if you are going in heavily crowded places, take vaccine when they are made available next month and most importantly save yourself and your parents from myths surrounding the vaccine. And if possible try and avoid the news and social media, that is if you think you cant help anyone then staying there might make you feel worse but if you are sharing resources and news related to it then do it diligently without stressing yourself too much.

The reason I say that is because we are not health care professionals and so we lack a lot of knowledge of how to handle our own self before helping others. I know you want to help but if you hurt yourself in the process then well there is no point.

Man all these sounds v generic and preachy I didn’t mean it to come out this way but then again this is something I would be generic about and not try to differ with the popular suggestions surrounding the 2nd wave of the pandemic.

With that being said I hope you don’t get affected by the virus and even if you do you I hope you recover quickly🙏


Wearing a mask inside your car is kinda stupid.
Idk I don’t own a car or a mas…

Social Media updates

Personal Project Updates

I wasn’t able to make as many posts for social media as I wanted to but then again it was quite predictable that it wouldn’t be possible in a week 🤒
Might finally start with the meme music mashup this week
Will share updates on insta story 🤧 or maybe not 😷

My Favourites from the Week

Twitter threads🧵

Book Highlights from book 📚

Bought 2 new books this week

Idk I did not feel like reading the ones I already had but I did read them too… I mean I shuffled read a lot this week and so I don’t have any concrete understanding of any particular subject but a mix of vague ideas but from those, I will share a few which I liked/ want to see resurface in the future

The following highlights are from the book
The Body: A Guide for Occupants By Bill Bryson



We began our journey through history as unicellular blobs floating about in warm, shallow seas. Everything since then has been a long and interesting accident, but a pretty glorious one,
~ Bryson, Bill. The Body (p. 11). Transworld. Kindle Edition.







Movies 🎥

Scott Pilgrim vs the world
This is the only new movie that I watched this week as I had planned to watch it earlier on after tom Scott mentioned it in one of his videos and I wasn’t disappointed the movie is very unique and I love the editing style of the movie it has got a good blend of sci-fi and rom-com mixed in the weirdest way possible and I enjoyed it, there were times I got really mad at the movie and at times felt phew which is not something a lot of movies can do so kudos on that.

Also my movie re-watching thingy continues this week as I watched a buncha marvel movies
The list includes

  • Spiderman: Homecoming
  • Avengers: Infinity war
  • Captain America: Civil War
    Yeah, the sequence is kinda messed up because I watched them on my emotional impulse as I had not planned to watch any of these.

Series 📺

Watched the last and final episode of
Falcon and winter soldier or should I say captain America and winter soldier because you know….
Anyway, I loved the ending and it couldn’t have been better in my opinion.

App(s) 📱

Quick Read

Get to listen to free high-quality summary of books

The app is easier to navigate compared to their Spotify profile.

But it has ads which you can remove by paying, if you don’t want to pay then I would recommend you to use the app to browse between books, and once you have the book just search for it on Spotify or google podcast.

Podcast(s) 🎙

I listened to a bunch of audiobooks summary on Quickreads | Spotify

Just go through their content and give a listen to whatever you feel interesting
They are also on YouTube | Google Podcast and Play/AppStore

Songs 🎶

Also I have been listening to this playlist while I was writing this week’s blog

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒


Quote(s) from the week📃

Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

This week is going to be the last ‘taking it easy week’.

I return full-fledged next month💪😤

So for this week it will be just focusing on content creation like last week

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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