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Week 44 – Feels like last year😞

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Idk why I procrastinated so much on a lotta things this week(This blog included)

Personal Highlights

So this week was part of my last non-tracked week and so I let myself lose in terms of pursuing a disciplined lifestyle. I pardon if disciplined sounds crinche-normie I don’t myself use it too.

  • Anyway, next week I am bringing the old format back and will be sharing stats of my regular habits like I used to
    Uh wait I will insert it below just to increase the factor of accountability
  • Talking of which reminds me I made a commitment story post on Insta where I said that I will be sharing my habit tracker every day and share how well I am doing

Insta story1
Insta story2

I did that because I started getting worried about my procrastination loop
Can’t believe I am bringing the word after bidding it farewell 4 years ago😓

  • Also, I won’t be going for morning runs anymore for the next couple of weeks and will use workouts as a substitute for that.

Thoughts from the past week

Humans are excuse-giving machines.
No matter what we do we always have an explanation for it.

Did you know: if your fingers come in contact with fire, they will be removed almost subconsciously without complete awareness and after removing you will be tricked into thinking that YOU decided of removing it because the fire would harm you.

The same can be seen in a lot of other fields of life including your stand in an e-lafda

We are often tricked into marrying out opinions and it probably has some sort of social-psychological benefit(s) behind it after all we don’t want to be called “dogla”.

This excuse thing came into my head after I found myself explaining my shortcomings as to why I wasn’t doing the work that I assigned myself.


Procrastination has compounding powers

Social Media updates

Here comes the sad part aaaaaaahhhhh

So I was working on a video for trb.mp4 and I wasn’t able to finish it.
I will finish it by this week and share it in next week’s email pakka promise

Personal Project Updates

May is here and I will have to get started with the meme music mashup lmao can’t believe I delayed it for 5 months after begging Anurag for 5 months to finish it xdddd

Life is strange

My Favourites from the Week

Blog/Articles 📑

The Motivation Machine: How to Get & Stay Motivated for Any Goal By Nat Eliason
I forced myself to finish reading this long blog yesterday only to end up not motivated enough to write my blog 🤡

Book Highlights

 all that makes you lovely is deceased

Bryson, Bill. The Body (p. 14). Transworld. Kindle Edition.

PS: I bought a lot of books this week (again) because there was some sort of offer going on for kindle books and they were available for v low prices.

List of books that I bought:
list of books April buy

But that didn’t covert to me reading more, unfortunately :(





Movies 🎥

  • Avengers: End Game

End Game

I watched Avengers: End Game on the 26th of April, exactly 2 years after its first release and I still love the movie, not from a movie pov but more of from a conclusion of stories pov.

For me its not like infinity war was better than this! Sure it was but that is not how I consume this movie I look at it from like I said above ‘conclusion of stories’ pov.

  • Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier
I watched it because I wanted to consume a bit of gun violence 😈
But ended up consuming the anti-capitalist message 😫 XD

Series 📺


I had watched 2 eps of this last year and so after watching a vedant rusty video on netlfix recommendation I decided to finish this.

PS: I don’t like the fact that he recommended so many lamba lamba series 😕 Itna time kiu dena yeh sab dekhne main when you can read books or do some other shit. 😥


Creators 🤹🏻


Came to know about him after hunterrr sent me few of his vids and turns out he is currently one of the best video memers [Internationally] 😌
I wish this was 2017 and I could have been inspired by him

unmotivated me

App(s) 📱

It’s a open source ad blocker so comes in handy when I use workout apps because they are filled with ads.

Songs 🎶

Yes tiktok and reels song have taken over my spotify ☠😞

Podcast(s) 🎙

Yeah I guess sometimes I miss Avalon 😞

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒


Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

The main goal of this week is to workout consistently and keep sharing the habit tracker’s stat on Instagram story every day.

Other than that, it will be nice if I stopped fucking procrastinating 😣

Quote(s) from the week📃

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

― Charles Kingsley

I haven’t been in hustle mode for a long time and it kinda makes me feel sad… also haven’t found anything to be genuinely interested in.

I thought if I didn’t have the job then I could live my dream content creator life but now I am not quite sure about it idk why it is just ….
I think I need more “self-discovery” time 😔

Anyway, thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found
something of value from it.

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