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Week 42 - Lost my Job🤧

 ·  ☕ 9 min read

So the big update from this past week is that

I got fired from my work XD

I mean it’s not as dramatic as it sounds but yes I am currently unemployed with no work after like 4 months and I kinda like it😈

More on this and about my upcoming plans in the blog… continue reading

Personal Highlights

The old format of personal highlights isn’t back yet but will be back soon,

Till then please kam chalao with this ✨unorganized just talking about a particular thing✨ format.

I will jump straight to the meat of this week’s blog which is

“Why did I lose my job?”

To answer that first I would like to enlighten the new readers of the blog that I used to work at Avalon meta.

More on this and how I got hired can be found in week 25 to week 28!

So yes I was working there from 11th Jan of this year to 11th of april
[Not 100% exact but made to look more dramatic to force TRB’s date memorising superpower XD]

Avalon Meta live hasn’t been uploading videos to their youtube channel for like a month now and so there wasn’t a lot of work left there, The reason they are doing it is that

They are planning to change their content and even they are unsure in which direction they will be heading! So my connection with them is paused for now and idk if I will go back to working with them…

I don’t mean that in a negative way tho…

Its just I am confused too myself.
Not sure what I should be working on….

And maybe that is why I didn’t feel bad when they let go of me 🥱

It was like very cool about it 🥶 Damn I wish aisa relationship main v ho jau 😈 But that has a different psychological dimension…. ah boring stuff I will explain some other day😌

Anyway, the problem which I now face is not that I don’t have work because its nice to not have work 💆‍♂‍ But where am I gonna get the money to renew my Spotify premium membership 😰

I did not know I was gonna lose my job this month or I would have not spent so much on my trip🤪

Ngl I did make good money in the last three months working with Avalon and Netflix India.

And now all of sudden both stopped giving me work about which I am happy but there is this small financing problem now 🤐

Thoughts from the past week

So I spent the entirety of yesterday morning writing this part but then today I removed everything that I had written because I wasn’t very sure about it and it seemed kinda incomplete and preachy, it was my take on EQ and how it is fake, anyway since I am not writing about that I will write about something else.

And that is how I want to share only the things that I can fully relate to or have somewhat experienced myself and not something that I learned from watching a youtube video or hear someone else say.

I picked it up from one of Ali Abdaal’s podcasts, the one I shared about 2-3 weeks ago in here.

I know I can’t always do that because I am still young and haven’t experienced a lot of things so I need to use the framework of others but as time progress I hope I can build my own and use it to communicate my ideas more effectively.


If you are a beginner in anything avoid looking for the good stuff

If you are starting reading, avoid searching for the best book
If you are starting editing, avoid trying to find the best way to pull it off
If you are starting to solve a new type of equation, avoid looking for the best way to solve it.

This thought sparked in my head when an IRL old friend whom I met on my trip asked me for the best horror book recommendations

Now I had to tell him something to hide my lack of knowledge about “fictional horror” genre💀 XD
But it wasn’t the first time I have been thinking about it for quite a while now, often the key to start something is to just get started and not think a lot about the ins and outs everything just comes together.

That is what I have been made to believe/
I had written this yesterday and it looks counterintuitive to what I wrote in my thoughts 🤪😩

Social Media updates

Personal project updates

I have a lot planned for the next week as

I am planning to make a comeback this week on all my social media handles.

I had it planned for the last week but for some reason or other, I always had “stuff” to do or places to go.
But this week I will be free as far as I know and I will try and live my content creator dream for a week
More on this in the ending of the blog.

My Favourites from the Week

Blog/Articles 📑


Movies 🎥

Re-Watched it on primevideos

  • Wake Up Sid
    Re-Watched it on Netflix (Means of Acquisition of the account hidden from the readers of the blog for lawful purposes😈)

  • Captain America: The winter soldier
    Re-watched just a few of the scenes for a jolt of nostalgia 🥵

Series 📺

  • The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
    I watched this on a friend’s Hotstar account🤩She told me to change it to Disney+hotstar premium acc so here it is😌👌
    And I like the series so far…
    I haven’t watched wandavision yet maybe I will watch it this week if I can manage some freetime

App(s) 📱

Warp By Cloudflare

I installed it because my internet wasn’t working and installing this fixed it.
I came to know about this after that and how it seats somewhere between a normal connection and a VPN.

It also claims to improve network speeds but so far I haven’t noticed much of a difference but still it’s faster than VPNs.

The only downside is hotstar doesn’t work with this turned on.

Songs 🎶

So my youtube premium ended on 11th of this month as my google play balance exhausted 🧊
And so I switched back to spotify

Podcast(s) 🎙

I shared this on my insta story this week and again re-sharing here.
This is not a podcast tbh but still a very good listen so if there is only one thing that you listen to this week, make sure this is the one.

Nice and cool

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒


Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

I want to make a return to the world of memes but I am not very confident about it as I have kinda lost my creative touch in the last few months, working for companies and others😣

Creativity isn’t something that I can wake up one day and decide I will produce more of…
It’s kind of a habit and the more I post the better I get but the problem is I have such a huge number of followers in my main insta that it kinda makes me scared to take the risk of posting more.

I am somewhat known for posting less frequently and I kinda like that concept too but that is the wrong way to look at creativity and content creation 😣

It’s going to be hard for me but I am going to try to

Dedicate this entire week to content creation and not just for my main page but for all my page

  • TRB [Main Instagram page]
  • TRB 2[Second shitposting page]
  • Trb.mp4 [Edits page]
  • Trb.writes [educational page XD]
  • Blog [Topic based blog]

  • TRB speaks {Youtube] – Planning to rebrand this soon
  • TRB Main [youtube]

The thing about youtube is I already have a video half done since dec of last year and it is about time that I finish it and to finish that I will start by warming up with a few insta reels and stuff and once I get the creative juice flowing I might be able to finish that in a few weeks.

Let’s see how things go from here

I kinda want to dedicate a lot more time to my meme page and my brand TRB but since all of this is not funded so I will quickly run out of money IRL and so I will have to dedicate some of my time from next month to think about ways to generate money, once I start with that I don’t know if I will be able to dedicate 100% of my time to my page but at least for this week and the next I will try and dedicate as much time as possible

Quote(s) from the week📃

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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