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Week 40 - Going for a short holiday

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This week was kinda intense in terms of internet drama but I made a comeback post to my main page after almost 6 months.
Anyway I am

Going on a short holiday

Next week for 3-4 days, I will be visiting my hometown after a year.
This will be my first long-distance trip post covid 🥶

In case I get affected or something I just wana say that I am grateful because in the last 14 months I haven’t caught cold or any other illness like that and this is probably the first time in my life that I haven’t had a cold in almost a year, usually I get cough and cold at least twice esp during season change XD

Well with all that useless personal stuff being said let’s move on to this week’s review! shall we 👏

Personal Highlights


I binge-read a bunch of old articles and blogs which I had saved in my pocket, instead of reading books and it was quite interesting tbh.

I quite liked it and maybe I am going to continue doing that this week too.


Also not to mention I will be getting a bunch of free time this week when I am traveling 😋
Gonna make sure I use it nicely and enjoy the rest of the time roaming on the streets 💆‍♂‍

    In terms of running this week was as bad as the last week but I am afraid the next week will be worse as I will be out


    I have been getting proper 7-8 hours every night and in some nights a bit more and it really feels nice.

    This week was the same as last week in terms of work as Avalon hasn’t live streamed any video in the last 2 weeks I had to go through old videos, which is def a v pain… well I wouldn’t say painful but def. v boring process.

    If I had procrastinated the blog like last to last week then this week it would have been worse 💀

Thoughts from the past week

Since I have invested so much of my time around memes I might as well enjoy and be proud of the knowledge that I have gathered while my brain got tricked by the algorithms of social media.


Whenever you get into drama be it the internet or irl, look at the bigger picture and think about the consequences, usually, we do it subconsciously without even thinking much like every decision a human takes is in some way his/her favour no matter how self-less the decision might be.

So if you get into some sort of drama or fight where you can see it’s easier to escape by apologizing, then do it.
It’s always better to apologize at the earliest possible, saves a lot of time and energy.

But this doesn’t have much to do with my situation and the sort of trouble that I got into this week because I had accidentally commented on a problematic video and there was no escape by giving stupid excuses as it was genuinely my mistake.

I thought of not talking about it in the blog but then again it was a big part of my online life and not sharing it kinda seems like being dishonest.
Anyway I made a Facebook post apologizing you can read it here but I wouldn’t recommend you to do that as it is somewhat time-consuming and not worth knowing.

Social Media updates

I posted on my main Instagram page after months and well it was sorta like a follow up to a joke which prolly a lot of people didn’t know about because I am not that relevant anymore 😌

I am not sure if I should post more and get the relevance back, it’s like a weird relationship between me and my insta.
But at the same time, I don’t want to lose everything that 19yo old me worked for back in 2017-18 😐

My Favourites from the Week

Blog/Articles 📑

Hmm it’s hard to share all the stuff that I read so I will just try and share the good ones and hope that you all give these a read 😤
Honestly reading these are way better than reading those e-lafda related posts but too bad people value entertainment more than knowledge.

A Simple Exercise to Discover What Skills You Should Learn By Nat Eliason

Does Your Blog Need a Niche? Maybe Not By Nat Eliason

This one is a classic by nat and this same thing could be applied to youtube as well but obviously its a bit risky when it comes to youtube as the algorithm might not be in your favour

Be Yourself, Not a Niche by Nat Eliason

This is more of a follow up to the last blog which nat wrote back in 2017

11 ways to increase dopamine levels in the brain (without medication) by Elisha Catts

this one is a bit generic and cliche but it acts as a nice reminder

How to separate learning myths from reality By Artin Atabaki, Stacey Dietsch, and Julia M. Sperling for mckinsey

This was known to me too but you might not know them so quickly skim through it and see if its common sense or something new for you

How Your Digital Trails Wind Up in the Police’s Hands By Wired

The title is a bit scary but the information in it is something you should be knowing

My quest to find the nature of consciousness by Varun Mayya

RishMantaPede emailed me and told me to read about space and universe well this blog by varun which he wrote in 2019 does contain all the cool science stuff but is honestly a bit too jarring for me at the moment as i am a lot into personal change aspect of science but maybe one day I will get my interest back in science of the universe 🥶

The Weekly Review by todist

Ah this one was the last thing i read last night and this as the title suggest promotes something like my weekly blog but on a personal level, I mean if you want to start writing about your week too you can give this a read and it def need not be public like mine, it can be personal and you can get it done quicker than me.


Apps 📱

I don’t have any new apps to share but should I reshare the apps that I have shared already?
Maybe as a sort of reminder or maybe you didn’t need it back then so you did not download but you need it and you don’t remember?

Let me know by replying to this week’s newsletter email😤 If you don’t get any email from me then subscribe at the bottom or this blog and if you are subscribed then check the promotion tab in your gmail😓

Songs 🎶

Podcast 🎙

This was the 2nd ali abdal podcast that I listened to and I liked it too ngl it had same chill vibes as the last one and it was a lot more personal than the last one but still it was kinda nice listening to it.

I could have listened to a tim ferris podcast ep. But I wouldn’t vibe with it as much I do with ali’s it kinda reminds me of this quote by James clear that he sent in his this week’s email

Damn that quote kinda fits the example way too nicely 🤯
I hope you people are impressed by my blogs😤 I am getting good at this😎
Well that’s what 40 weeks of weekly consistent work gets you I guess 😼

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒

Let’s go Here

Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

Since I am going on a short mini-vacation this week so there will be no goals whatsoever hehe
However, I will be setting some strict back to action sort of goals next week just like the old times😤

Also, I hope I don’t die or something XD but it wouldn’t matter because I would have already published my 40th blog and I can die an OCD free death⚰

Quotes from the week📃

The worst lie sold to the world. That something is better than nothing.
NO! Something is not better than nothing.
There is space in nothing. There is reflection in nothing. There is a reset in nothing. There is exploration in nothing.
~ From Ankur Warikoo’s Warikoo Wandering email newsletter

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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