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Week 38 - Solved a rubik's cube

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I am writing this on a Thursday this was supposed to get published on last Sunday 😃

Jeez really fucked up the schedule of this one… Lesson learnt though… From now on I will be writing and finishing my blogs on Saturday and schedule them to get published Sunday morning, that way I can enjoy Sunday guilt free 😅

Just realized that day after tomorrow is Saturday and now it feels weird writing this

Personal Highlights

Not sure how to refer to the week… Do I say this week but then again I am writing this in the middle of the next week so I think I should use “last week”
Yeah so last week was much better than than the last to last week in terms of me keeping up with my habits.

It would have been so much nicer If I wrote this blog on Sunday as I wouldn’t feel bad .. because this week … Ok no spoilers….


I started reading Ego is the enemy by Ryan Holiday

Read a bit and then started reading my old saved articles from pocket on my kindle…

I kinda wana finish those now before I start with reading a book


Improved slightly compared to the week before I did a day extra



Sleep was my no.1 priority last week and so I made sure that I went to bed on time every day.
And as suspected this brought about positive changes in my overall schedule on a regular basis.

Oh yes and also I learnt to solve the rubik cube ….
But I was only able to do it once and the formula which I learnt doesn’t work for me in the very end so I am trying to learn different formulas for the last layer 🤧

Thoughts from the past week

I feel like even if we made them aware of it they will still continue to rant.

Ranting in a way seems very weird to me, I mean when I think of it in terms of evolutionary psychology I wonder what purpose it would have served other than just warning your tribe and expressing doubt.

So as I was writing this I read 2 articles on ranting and how they are bad for our health XD

Karo mujhe kya cat


I liked Justice league: Synder cut

After the movie came out I have seen people appreciating it as well as bashing it.

However I like DC more than marvel coz of batman and sooooo I liked the movie idc if you didn’t like also don’t compare it to avengers movie 🤬 they had a long list of movies to support the story behind infinity wars and end game but DC had only a few movies ….

Damn I sound like a kid ok moving on

Social Media updates

I did not post in the fear that I wasn’t doing my work properly so my boss would look at my post and question my wafadari :’’’

How I improved my blogs

More like how I ruined my blogs

  • Posted a blog super late
  • Didn’t start writing theory of dots vol 2

But I was able to fix the share to whatsapp button which is located at the bottom of this page by making a small change to the sharer url huehue 😎

My Favourites from the Week

Blog/Articles 📑

I wanted to read on first principles thinking for a while and this blog was a nice start to the topic….

I will be reading more on first principles thinking this week to get a better understanding of it


Creators 🤹🏻



I came to know about him from twitter and then after a bit of stalking I subscribed to his newsletters
But not only that he recently started his yt channel and has been quite active there as well.

He is among the next wave of big “productivity + personality focused” youtubers that India is going to produce in the coming 2-3 years.

Apps 📱

Pocket 2 kindle
So I have been using this for a while now but I forgot to mention it here.

Songs 🎶

Like I said I finished watching the xmen series[for the 4th time] last week and the songs from Deadpool movie stuck in my head (again)

Podcast 🎙

This was the first Thomas Frank podcast that I listened to and I really liked this one even though this isn’t their usual style of podcast but this was quite full of value.

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒


Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

Ab kya hi goal likhu week khatam hone ko aya 😿

I feel like I already failed without even writing the goals 🤧

I was supposed to write this on Monday but then this week’s work wasn’t very specific which lead to me neither being able to produce good output at work nor being able to write this blog.
So in a way … ok no spoilers for day after tomorrows blog XD

Quotes from the week📃

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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