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Week 34 - Might be falling in the capitalism trap

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Writing this on a Monday, just like last week and just like last week the error with my blog’s publishing hasn’t been fixed yet.

Idk how much longer its going to take for it to get fixed but I hope it doesn’t start affecting my habits irl because #no_accountability

Personal Highlights

Talking about last week and my habits this week has been the same or maybe worse in terms of me maintaining my habits.


First of all I did not write anything this week because…

I wanted to skip the because part but I gues I should not avoid reasoning my way out.

I wasn’t at my home at the beginning of this week and then for the rest of the week I was almost alone in my home which resulted in me being less focused on my habits.


Did not start it this week too


I … I did not go out for run this week…

This is the first time since October 2020 that I skipped an entire week

Again this was a result of me being alone and not having a proper sleep scedule


Practised only on Saturday and obviously found it a bit difficult but I am happy that I totally did not disregard this like the other activities.


This continued as usual this week even when I wasn’t at my home I took my kindle with me and it helped me stay consistent with reading.

However this week I read a lot more articles and blog posts compared to books.

oh also I made a group on goodreads come join maybe

Or follow me on Goodreads


Did not wear my band while sleeping this week at first it happened mistakenly but then I decided to continue it for rest of the week.


Since I was alone this week it led to a lot more focus time and I found myself working home and I guess there was much work too this week, which obviously resulted in me sticking my face on my screen and working more.

Thoughts from the past week

Lately I have started missing my meme page and my time when I did not work for anyone and dedicated all my efforts to making memes and running my page.
3 years ago around this time I was in a full on meme posting streak.

And here I am 3 years later, I am making alright amount of money but that has taken away from me my time which I would have rather dedicated to my page if I did not have to make money.

And all these thoughts led me into thinking how about I stop working for others and maybe just do big high paying projects once or twice a month and dedicated rest of the time to my page.

And that is also when I realized I should but a laptop and then I will be able to do my work a lot more remotely and…..
Like you know this month I got a phone and kindle which I think improves my quality of life and now I am thinking of getting another thing which kinda seems to me like a classic trap of capitalism hmmmmm or idk


There isn’t much difference between people wanting intellectual content and people wanting entertainment.
Even though they might think they are completely different from one another.

Social Media updates

had the idea of making this almost 2 years ago and finally made this after feeling guilty for not posting anything for a while

I am planning to post more of my old idea ka content every week on my 2nd insta where I don’t care about likes and posting them will give me a bit of editing challenge too which is better than just being sad and missing the old days.

Also few tweets that I made this week

How I improved my blogs

pepe sad and crying coz no blog main error still

My Favourites from the Week

Blog/Articles 📑

6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day by Eric Barker

Ik the title is very cliche and seems misleading but its actually good and i like his writing style too

25 New Businesses In 25 Years by Debjoy Sengupta on Outlook India

Its a paid article for 10rs only but the link i shared is from amazon so its free to read XD

How to improve your memory, according to neuroscience by Sarah DiGiulio | nbcnews

Guide on Focus by James clear

This was my 2nd time reading these not to mention i already knew this from his book but i like reading his blogs once in a while it serves as spaced repetition😌


Apps 📱

No new apps this week.
But go through this if you want any new windows app suggestion


XD this got stuck in my head after listening twice in a meme

Podcast 🎙 / Audiobook

Did not listen to any podcast but I did finish the book tools of titan and I quite liked it.

It had a few chapters where the person mentioned in those came out and read the passages it was a nice audio experience but I would still not recommend the audio version of the book and I would rather suggest the kindle / paperback version of the book.

And def would not recommend to newbies getting into reading I mean it has v simple and easy language but the people mentioned in the book are few of the greats and it would be actually nice if you know a few of them before you hear about them in the book.

Quotes from the week📃

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒


Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

Man I don’t even remember the last time I completed my goal and its becoming increasingly hard to keep up with the existing habit and I seem to be falling in negative habit spiral where I have gotten the habit of not doing the goals.

So I will be going a bit tough on myself and try to achieve to 80-100% of my daily goal everyday this week.

Also as I am writing this on a Monday today thus far I have done almost all the habits 😎

Idk when you guys will be reading this as the error with my blog still hasn’t been fixed but I hope it gets fixed soon and whenever you do I am going to put today’s date [when I am writing] in the blog.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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