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Week 30

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The reason why its called mini is because it was only 5 days long :3

So yes I technically failed but … it is because I didn’t get the magnitude of work that I was supposed to and so it started feeling very empty on Friday, and I ended up logging in from my browser.

More on social media detox in the blog.

Personal Highlights

habit tracker ss 30
A screenshot of my google sheet habit tracker 🥶


I did write everyday and this week it felt more natural compared to last week


And I was able to write around 1340 words this week which is 400 more than last week 😎


I read a bit of Animal farm today but I think this should be counted in next week’s blog.

Btw I ordered a kindle yesterday and I will get it by end of next week.

So my goal is to finish Animal farm before I get the kindle because that is the only readable paperback I have lying around and I don’t think it will be fun to read that after getting the kindle 💆‍♂‍


My meditation streak broke this week 🤕


But I didn’t let that stop me from restarting it [twice] 🤧


Finally ran 5Km this week after like an year and well I ran 5km this week not once not twice but thrice 😏


It’s easy to increase the total number when you run longer distance v easily 🏃‍♂‍


Played a lot of chords this week almost back to where I left.

keyboard 30

But the thing is I find playing chords v easy and it gets difficult to switch to playing keys after playing around with chords for a while.

Idk the fix to this but I think I will have to practise a lot of normal playing next week and the week after to get good with keys again.

Also unlike the last week this week I am sharing the video[screen recording] of me playing chords of

"What’s Up” 4 Non Blondes

This kinda got stuck in my head so i decided to record this and share 😥 Will share some fun song next song next


Well this was probably my best week this year in terms of sleep 🛌


But still idk why its showing only 6hrs50mins maybe because of wednesday when I woke up around 3am and then wasn’t able to fall back to sleep,

getting only 4hrs of sleep that night but then from the v next night I didn’t face in difficulty in getting a complete beauty sleep.

Now comes my turn to explain about the social media detox fail thingy

So like I said I didn’t get a lot of work and because I thought I would be busy I said “No” to a few opportunities which decreased my work by a lot more XD

But still it was quite a lot of work in job as usual so I am glad at least I did that even though I didn’t do a great job at it either 🤕 but I am sure I

will get better at it with time, its not like its something hard its just different people have diff. requirements 😴

Ok now back to social media detox review:

Q. So what did I miss by inactive for 5 days on all social media platforms ?

A: Nothing

Q. What did I gain ?

A: I was able to dedicate my free time to reading articles and blogpost instead of browsing social media which is no doubt more valuable than looking at memes on social media.

So in theory it was time well spent and I look forward to doing another detox in march and this time for a extended period of time preferably a month but idk I am not v sure.

##Thoughts from the past week

A lot of thoughts mostly from listening to Tools of Titans: Audiobook but I didn’t take a note of them so kinda forgot them XD I mean I remember the key points but not the thoughts that were in my head while listening to it.

But still as the ritual goes I will share something some of my thoughts on

How ideas are actually running the world and not humans

Ideas or I should say memes sometimes feel like they have a consiousness of their own, consiouness isnt really hting right term since its a very human way of looking at things but more like they are competing against each other and they kinda know it in some sense.

I just realised how reading this without proper context or back knowledge can sound so i wont be sharing more of it, Maybe i will write a blog on it in the future which reminds me what happened to my plans of publishing topic based blog 😨


Irony meme pages ruined the genre of ironical memes.

I remember looking at ironical memes in 2018 and back then it was v limited so it felt a lot more valuable and overall more fun to look at them compared to now, when there is an abundance of them :(

##Social Media updates

I did post something after a while and it was just a random idea which poped up in my head and I felt like making it and posting obviously it didn’t take a lot of time or anything it was just a shitpost.

I had used a swear word in the caption which might have limited its reach or idk this got very less amount of impressions which was like a no big deal to me but now that it got v less likes I wonder what went wrong …. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

##What I did to make my blogs better
Ok so this is a new sub-section where I will be sharing the tweaks that I make to my blogs and or to my main website on a weekly basis.

So this week I updated the about me section for both my websites, blog and main site

Also I switched to for shortening the urls that I share in my blogs instead of, because it kept having downtime and shiz

Also I am introducing this category to all my future blogs which in itself is a improvement ig 😝

##My Favourites from the Week
###Blog/Articles 📑
How to ask your mentors for help by Derek Sivers

Is mood a gift or a skill? by Seth Godin

The trap of busy by Seth Godin

Inside the BITS YouTube mafia by Indiatimes


###Creators 🤹🏻

Abhinav Chikara aka ABNUX


Nice UI/UX guy who knows about start-ups and is enrolled in Tiago forte’s 2nd brain program 🤧

###Apps 📱

Did not discover any new apps this week

###Songs 🎶

###Podcast 🎙

Listened to this last to last week but finished it on Monday I guess and it was the 3rd Andrew Kramer podcast that I listened to 😌 I am obviously a huge fan of his work since 2018 and if you are an video editor who has uses after effects I don’t think I have to tell you about him.

And here are a few YT videos which I listened to while running

###Quotes from the week📃

I learned it a while ago and this has always been my view on creativity and why newbies win the game.

Like you can be all experienced and everything but if you don’t enjoy it, you wont be at the top at least in the long run.

###Top Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒
Well I was on a social media detox this week so there are no memes 😌

I still could have shared the few that I saw after logging back in but nah not really interested in wasting my time 😴

##Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

Don’t have goals just hopes for next week 🥺

XD Jk idk it’s the last week of the month and I will probably be very busy as I will have to do double work that I was supposed to do this week 🤧

But still I will take on a small goal and that will be to finish Animal farm.

Alright then see you next week.

Also damn this was my 30th blog 😳

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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