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Week 16 – Change of plans πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

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I would like to begin this blog by announcing that I was able to wake up at 5 am every day this week.

And waking up at 5 made was a game changer for me.

Personal Highlights

  • Starting off with review of the goals of last week

    I was able to complete most of them.

  • But I wasn’t able to make any content for my main page :( I know I made the announcement of returning to my main page, but unfortunately life had other plans for me.

  • And I cant even complain about it as I got a very big project / opportunity sort of

    β—˜ Basically, its an editing project for a very big company and I will also be paid well.

    β—˜ Lmao I had a lot of plans for my main page but now I don’t know if I will be able to pull them off properly, still I will try my best and try coming up with an efficient solution to my time management problem.

    β—˜ So for now I will be prioritizing that gig over my main page, and isn’t a permanent thing.. so once i am done with that or with part of it i will make something for my page. it sure is going to be hard trying to handle so many things at a time. so don’t mind if I dont upload for next few weeks πŸ˜” Man should’nt have made that annoucement last week I guess XD

  • And yes waking up at 5am was really a big part of this week and I was able to wake up before 5:30 almost everyday.

    β—˜ And to achieve it I went to bed at around 9pm everyday, just to hit that sweet 8 hours sleep mark.

    β—˜ I have tried and tested my sleep schedule by waking up at different times and thus far this one is the best.
    I will write an entire blog on it by the end of this month.

  • Now about my fitness update

    β—˜ For the first few days I went for a walk early morning but then I switched to running in the 2nd half of the week and … it was actually quite easy for me to get back to running.

    β—˜ I increased my running distance from 1km to 2km, I aim to get back to 5km like before by mid-November.

Thoughts from the past week

Damn where da thots go wen u need me πŸ˜”


  • Someone who is new to a thing can’t contribute to it significantly

    Take example of a very young artist, let’s say he/she is very talented when it comes to drawing and has drawn a few beautiful pictures, but he cant compete in any sense compete with the older artist because making something of value consistently requires a lot of experience and now matter how hard they try they will always be beaten by the older experienced artist in the long run.

    So what I think they should do is they should shut the fuck up and focus on enjoying the process and creating content and not chase growth.

    I feel like growth will automatically come when they learn to deliver value slowly overtime and like I said it requires a lot of experience which loosely translates to they have to invest a lot of time and energy into it.

    I don’t know why I am so salty about beginners and newbie, I just don’t like when someone with less experience wants to grow rapidly in a field where they aren’t much experienced.

Social Media updates

No updates other than a few tweets and insta stories.

I wanted to share the tweet but it wasn’t well phrased, but it got 60 likes so I guess people understood it 😎 I mean after all likes determine the validity of claim in today’s society amirite!?!

My Favourites from the Week


I did not get much time to read articles exclusively because everytime I wanted to read I picked up homo deus and read that book instead still I will share something similar to what I was reading in that book


In wake of airtel collecting a lot of our private data here’s a List of Privacy respecting services and software if the page isn’t available then here is a web snapshot of the page



Tweeted this out for experimental purposes only but i was genuinely blown away with the amount of knowledge prakhar had in his head, I used to think of him as someone who copied book summaries from various website but turns out I was wrong XD

Lowkey wish to join but i am nowhere near that knowledgable yet, maybe in the future πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ


I recently switched to qbittorrent from utorrent as utorrent was getting detected as virus by windows defender, could have been a false alarm but I was tired of the ads anyway so qbittorrent is a much better and ad free open source alternative.


Memes/Edits/Interesting stuff

| Finally IG embed issue is fixed and all my fav memes are back: (in case you see any issues, feel free to drop a comment below or email me)

DO a hard refreshing the page (Ctrl+Shft+R - on windows machine & cmd + option + R on Mac) should fix any issue with white/blank IG posts

Goal(s) for the next week

Not sure about what I should set up for next week as this week was a huge success XD

  • But one of the thing that I am planning to do is not connecting mobile to internet after waking up, instead I will do that after I return from my run idk if I will be able to pull this off or not.

  • Another goal will be to implement the pomodoro technique to my work because i have been getting distracted a lot lately.

Thanks for reading my blog till the very end, I am quite excited and concerned about next week as I will be completing my first video of the big project and that will kinda determine if that work will continue or not, both from their end and mine.

Let’s see how life unfolds in the coming weeks.

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