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Week 13 – Return of PC gaming

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I spent a lot of time playing games this week and not really doing anything productive except for editing saiman’s video.

So in a sense this week was kinda opposite of last week in terms of personal branding.

Personal Highlights

  • I spent quite a significant amount of time playing batman arkham series game

    o I completed Arkham asylum and series [main story]
    And started playing arkham knight 👻

    o It was my 2nd time playing all these titles, I had completed asylum in 2014, origins and city in 2015 and knight in 2017.

  • Other than that, in the beginning of the week I ‘co-edited’ Saiman’s latest video along with him 💅

  • And once I was done with the editing I started playing batman and haven’t stopped since XD

    I don’t know there’s something about single-player games that get me more excited to play them, compared to multiplayer, where you have to wait for your friends to join and then again wait after you die 😐


Thoughts from the past week

  • People often rant about the things after they find repeating in their ecosystem for the 2nd or the 3rd time.
    They dont rant about the things that they have been seeing for a while or are familiar with.
    Neither do they rant about the things that they are new to.
  • And a somewhat similar approach can be taken to understand the rants that someone enjoys.
    Will definitely be using this point in a lot of my upcoming topic based blogs.

Social Media updates

  • I posted a QnA story on my main which got a lot of views for some reason and its kinda crazy to see people still love you for something that you did 2 years ago 🤯 XD


Sleep early

Fr tho I fucked up my sleep schedule pretty bad in the last few months but now I am seriously trying to change it to my good old routine of sleeping early.

Hopefully I will be able to pull it off by the end of this month.

And Now

My Favourites from the Week



Tap on the video titles to open the videos using the YouTube app
I didn’t watch a lot of them and mostly the ones i did were related to the batman games.



Video Essays



Love his channel btw

Love her channel btw

And here are the two Documentary / Interview sort of video that i watched.

WB uploaded them recentlym both of them are really great and its like a look back at how they came up woth the movies and what went behind making those.

A must watch if you are fan of the batverse.

App recommendation

Adobe Reader

Introduced this new mode of reading in their app called liquid mode

Looks very interesting, maybe if you read a lot of pdfs on your phone then this might help.


Lmao didn’t get time to listen to music this week
Batman Arkham city ost is still playing in my head tho

This is my next week’s playlist tho

Now few Memes/Edits/Interesting stuff 😄


Thanks a lot for the support in my voiceover video that i shared here last week. It means a lot to me, even tho it was just experimental, and I didn’t promote it anywhere but here, it still got a lot of comments and support 😼shubham thakur shared it in his insta bio tho 🙀 waha se v thoda reach mil gya tha 🤲
I actually didn’t think a lot after publishing it, because I started gayming. But I will think about it, next 2 next week maybe shayad mayb

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😈

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