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Week 11 โ€“ something is coming

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I guess I am on time this week

Personal Highlights

  • I was supposed to write the script for my voiceover video this week but idk I just didnโ€™t find enough undistracted long sane period of time when I could write it.
  • I did install a custom rom in my phone and deleted bunch of old media files which gave my device a very significant performance boost.
  • I watched 2 documentaries this week, and both of them were amazing.

    Will talk about them in my video recommendation section.
  • Also continued playing a lotta chess

Thoughts from the past week

  • Is love worth losing your sleep over? personally I donโ€™t think soโ€ฆ and maybe thatโ€™s the reason as to why I will prolly remain single and die alone,

    but atleast I will keep getting a proper goodnight of sleep XD

  • Sorry but i choose neuroscience over politics at least brain k bare main seekh k i can be be more understanding and improve myself, Politics k bare main seekh k kya kar paunga? ๐Ÿค”

Social Media updates


##ย Opinions
Idk :/ Don’t have any this week

Watch this instead XD

And Now Finally Time For

My Favourites from the Week



So as I was saying earlier the two documentaries that I watched this week are:

Born into brothel 2004


The Social Dilemma 2020

You can watch Born into brothel in vimeo I guess and for the social dilemma โ€ฆ Netflix.. but I am sure you have other ways of watching paid content online ;)

Both of them were great to say the least.

I didnโ€™t really learn anything new from the social dilemma as I had read almost everything explained in the book last year when I read digital minimalism by carl Newport.

But still the documentary was a nice gentle reminder as to how social media had regained its hold on me despite my earlier efforts of wanting to limit usage.

  • Born into brothel was much on the nostalgic side, and kudos to zana briski for coming to india and capturing parts of it at a time when no there was a very limited ways of communication and almost no internet.

    Even though she wasnโ€™t able to transform everyone, but she did the best she could and certainly changed the life of a few kids forever.

Well that was all for the documentary part, I did watch a few movies too one of them being Murder in orient express.

Now a few YT video recommendations for you

As usual the last one is the best

App recommendation ๐Ÿคช

If you are moving to a new phone and want to backup your messages and call logs from the old phones, then maybe you can give
Super Backup & Restore a try

Modern stock android phones back them up in your google drive I think but for some other roms donโ€™t in that case apps like this can come in handy.

I personally have my call logs and sms logs from 2017 intact XD Donโ€™t ask why I just like keeping an archive of everything.

Btw I installed pixel experience plus of my redmi note 4[without rooting], but if you donโ€™t want to flash any rom and still get rid of ads from your xiaomi device then watch this video


Now few Memes/Edits ๐Ÿ˜„

Also, Few interesting things are on its way, but I hate announcing stuffs beforehand because it usually takes a lot of time for me to publish the stuffs : ( Sorry for delaying things but please note that I track everything so even the delay is getting tracked and this data will be used by me in future to improve Or at least thatโ€™s what I hope.

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • PS: you donโ€™t have to signup to comment just use any random email and name, the Plugin doesn’t cross check.*

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