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Week 14 – Bye Bye Gaming ☺

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This week was very blank.

Personal Highlights

  • So I completed the Arkham trilogy on Wednesday and after that
  • The 2nd half of the week was pretty dull, I did not do anything productive other than dreaming about doing something productive from next week and writing about it in this blog XD
  • However, I did read a lot of articles and blogs, which I will be sharing below.
  • Also, I went for a run yesterday after almost forever, this was my 3rd / 4th time running after the lockdown started I.e., from March.
    • And as expected my pace was terrible and my vo2 max level seems to have decreased significantly.
    • I was only able to run for a kilometer before running out of breath💀
    • Guess I will have to get into the habit of running and becoming fit because this lockdown isn’t going to end anytime soon,

      and I have already had the experience of not working out and being a 🥔
    • So, expect more of my running stat flex from the next week or so, as I will work on slowly increasing my fitness level.
  • Another good thing that happened this week was that I have finally fixed my sleep cycle and now I wake up at around 7 am every day.
    • I have plans to shift fear even firther and push myself to wake up at 5 every day from mid-Oct, let’s see if I can do that.

Thoughts from the past week

  • Been thinking a lot about how to simplify and explain “how someone’s taste in memes/movies/art develop over the time”
    • For now, I have this theory of layer, where a person slowly travels from one layer to another.
    • You might be familiar with this in terms of layered ironical memes. I am trying to apply that theory to explaining taste in all sorts of entertainment.


  • Some opinions are more valuable than other because the person saying that has a lot more experience in that specific field.

Social Media updates

  • Will post something tomorrow

And Now

My Favourites from the Week



Weava highlighter chrome extension

I had installed this but never really used it properly until now,

So I have been watching few youtube videos and reading articles on building a second brain and the first thing that is implemented there is establishing a place where we can store our highlights and notes from the articles and books that we read.

For notes well we have notion but for highlighting the apps used by YouTubers are usually paid once and honestly I wouldn’t mind paying if I was making a lotta cash

so for now this is my temporary place where I will be storing all my highlights and stuff, and also this allows exporting our highlights in .doc format so it’s kinda nice as I will be adding those to notion later on.


TRB from 2018 »>

very nostalgic

This video is from 2017 btw


Memes/Edits/Interesting stuff

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RVCJ was ahead of his time

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Goal(s) for the next week

This is a new section of my blog and as the sub-heading says its sort of like an ambition entry to make me more accountable and keep me on track.

  • So for the next week my number 1 priority will be to bring back running and exercise in my life slowly.
  • Another goal is to make some shitpost / reax images post for my 2nd insta page.
  • Lastly my 3rd and biggest goal is to slowly start becoming more productive as I have already invested around 50 hours of my life to playing games in the last 2 weeks not that i regret it but and now I am kinda done with games and want to get back to becoming good old fashion productive.
    • However, I don’t feel like writing a lot about it as it’s a bit tricky and if I make a promise and fail it might make me prone to failing more… or maybe I am just overthinking nvm.

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😈

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