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Week 12 – New YouTube channel 🥶

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It feels like I got a lot done this week, even though I spent quite a lot of time entertaining myself .

Personal Highlights

  • I wrote the script and recorded voice over of my video and it took a lot more than I anticipated, I have linked the video below in social media update section.

  • While everyone was busy playing Among us, I played a bit of Batman Arkham asylum just to take a trip down memory lane, and also to increase my steam activity.

  • Also read a lot of web articles this week and started reading a new book

    Show Your Work! By Austin Kleon

  • Also I accidentally sent the same email newsletter 3 times in a row and that was because of this automation that I made and set it to send every day, I expected it to send only when there was something to send but it kept sending anyway idk if that was because of the mistake in date of my last blog[I mistyped the date to 19th sept(future)] or the email sending service being dumb, anyway I will try and not to set it to everyday, but still I will try and see with the correct date in the future, so please pardon me it will only happen a few time I promise.

Thoughts from the past week

  • No matter how much our principles matter to us, if it doesn’t resonate with others, they will just not value it. Everyone has a different way of looking at the world and at things and I think it’s best to leave others in their view.

Social Media updates

So finally, after a lot of self-doubt and fear, I published my first ever voiceover video, but before you watch it please don’t keep any expectation, its just a simple video with my voice slapped on top of it.

Both audio and video quality are terrible. The sole intention of publishing the video is to face my fear and idk the video is so terrible it makes me more afraid XDDDD

My Favourites from the Week


Like I said I read a lot of em this week and thanks to this app called which made it all possible,

I have linked it down below.

App recommendation 🤪


Whenever I stumble upon on an article or blog or anything istead of bookmarking it I send it to this app and this app saves the page inside it which can even be seen later when offline.

I use this feature almost all the time I am busy and cant read something, I save it and then continue reading the entire thing before going to bed or in the evening,

You can even try Instapaper, it very similar to this app but is quite cheaper if you want the premium version. If you just want to read, then then both the apps allow that in their free version.


Tap on the video titles to open the videos using the YouTube app

Didn’t watch any movie this week ig, also didnt reall watch a lot of yt videos as i was busy with my own video

This is the biggest video that i watched this week and probably one of the biggest yt video i have ever watched,2 hours long 🤯


Now few Memes/Edits/Interesting stuffs 🍭

Feel free to share this blog if you want:

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, I am a bit uncertain this week about the whole voiceover video thing that I have made and I don’t think I will be making any new video without getting a decent microphone first. Idk tho if I will even make a video at all in the future, I mean I kinda wana do it but then again I have so many other works that needs to be done idk I will update my decision In the upcoming blogs.

Aight I guess that’s about it for this week, see you again next week. Thank you for reading this, maybe try and interact with the reactions below 😥

PS: you don’t have to signup to comment just use any random email and name, the Plugin doesn’t cross check.

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