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Week 102 – Sick before B'day🤧

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I got cough and cold this week after like 3 months.

The last time I got sick was WEEK 85 😷

And like every time, my only complaint about sickness is it interfering with my workout 😞

Personal Highlights

I wasn’t sick throughout the week though I got a sore throat on Saturday morning, which meant I could rest for the next two days and so I did and read comics all day [Thanks to the 7-day marvel unlimited trial by ayush]

But other than that, the whole week was mid. I only felt like working on tasks that were imposed on me and not on something which I wanted to do by myself, which is a bit weird because it is exactly the opposite of how I want to be operating.



  • Gym: My gym streak finally broke after I got a sore throat on Saturday, but I think it will be easier to get back on track, unlike my run, which has been on a downward trajectory 🥶
  • Morning Run: If you have been following the blog’s fitness updates, then you know how this is the one thing that has been declining from 4 runs a month ago to only 1 run last week. Well it’s my pleasure to announce that this week it got reduced to 0 runs 💀


  • Reading: Finished reading Civil War comics. It definitely is one of marvel’s biggest event, and not to mention the writing and drawing is fantastic. You start by rooting for Tony Stark but then you get internal conflicts and decide to switch sides and then this goes on, unlike the movie where it was pretty easy to choose a side.


Optimization and Organization

Haven’t really been optimizing anything lately. I feel like going with the flow these days instead of improving anything 🤒

Job Update

Same as last week 🏢

Business Updates

same as last week ☠️

Thoughts from the past week🤔

I think I was mostly thinking about my birthday coming next week and how time passes so quick esp. as you start to age, which also reminds me that I will be turning 24 years old next week 🥶

Which is honestly a lot and I think I am done ageing now. It would be a good time to stop T_T

But one more thing about next week is that this blog will be completing its 2nd year anniversary 🙀

It does feel quite weird though, that the next time I will write here, I will have turned 24 years old 🤒 And nothing will change but just the number.

Opinions 🗣️

Social Media Updates 🐒

Just realized that I haven’t been posting anything on social lately, jeez.

With my birthday right around the corner, I think I should start posting on social media once again.

My Favourites from the Week ⭐


Purchases 🛒

Nothing this week but next week 🥶

Series 📺

The Boys S3E4


The episode was very political and mostly one-sided but even then it was so fun to watch.

Only weekly web series after Peacemaker this year, which makes me want to enjoy every second of it. It’s just so unexpected and dark and so different from the stuff that we are used to watching.

Songs 🎶

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒

👉 Here 👈

How was your week?🧐

Coming up next week🥅

Birthday 🥳

Quote from the week📃

I don’t think I stumbled across any great quote this week. - TRB

Thanks for reading this week’s blog.
I hope you found something of value from it.

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