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Week 36 - A new start but nothing has changed

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New month same old shit

Its around 10:30pm of a nice Saturday night, I should have been asleep by now but here I am writing the blog because I really felt like writing also because I kinda want to make Sunday a bit less stressful.

Personal Highlights

So even this week sucked in terms of me getting back to maintaining my habits, reason being I kinda overworked last week so this week I guess my mind took a break.
But I am glad that I didn’t feel burnt out like last week.


I did not journal anything not only that I did not even write the blog I promised last week 😿

one thing led to another and i kept delaying it :(

Will do it next week probably by wednesday

pepe scared


Not much I was planning to finish So good they cant ignore you but guess I will be finishing it next week [Around 50pages left]


laut ao meditation


Running stat w36


Bermunda triangle


This is the one thing at which I exceled and tbh it was much needed



Work was slightly less [different] this week
I had to make reels instead of igtv videos
Pr usage from the week

Thoughts from the past week

Very random thoughts nothing specific tbh
Also kinda wanted to get some toys idk why

So I asked for suggestions on insta and got a lot of dms

Ig story stats
By the time the story expired it has like 1.8k views and 122 replies πŸ₯Ά

Most of it was Nerf gun, RC copter, Hotwheels, Action figures, Beyblade and Barbie Doll House 🀭🀭
I don’t really have enough money to mindlessly spend on these but these are surely going to my Wishlist and I will def. buy them in the future 😌🀲


Don’t imitate people with high numbers

Social Media updates

Well after posting consistently for 8 days I stopped posting

And usual twitter stuff

Says a lot about society meme

How I improved my blogs

Started sending email newsletter seriously.

If you haven’t check your emails then you can read them online Here

And if you subscribed to it then check the promotion tab of your email and move it to primary and maybe mark it as imp.

Idk how else to trick gmail into believing that I am not selling anyrhing 😣

My Favourites from the Week

Blog/Articles πŸ“‘


He started his blog this week and its quite nice to see him try to improve and even write about this

But like all other things self help and writing about it is a skill in itself and no amount of motivation will make anyone write good…
only practise can 🀐


This video kinda made me feel ok about not practising a lot of habits at once 😌

Damn just realized i did not watch a lot of videos this week on yt. I mean i am not finding any more in my liked list πŸ‘€

Apps πŸ“±

Avalon Voices
I got secret access from the ceo himself 🀭 but yall can join the beta waitlist.

I will share a nice Invite link once its public 😌

PS: I posted a meme on insta as a joke I mean varun is in my whatsapp I didn’t have to make those effort to get the access but I still felt like making a bit of extra effort to see how many share the insta story gets.

Songs 🎢

Podcast πŸŽ™

Naval returned after a while and posted a few eps on his website and i listened to all of emπŸ˜‹

  • Also this one from Personbehindthepersona w/ Varun

Memes/Edits from the last week πŸ’


Quotes from the weekπŸ“ƒ

Lawda ka Sarkar – One man succ

Goal(s) for the next week πŸ₯…

I have been consistently failing at my goals 😭🀣

So I don’t feel like keeping a goal this week, Will just try to improve chup chaap and not hope for it 🀐

However I do feel very optimistic about the coming week and hopefully this will help me in getting somewhat back to my usual habit streaking form.

Also check your email for the newsletter that i sent this week!

It contains a bit more part of this blog, if you arent subscribed to my email newsletters then you can read it here

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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