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Week 28 - New Job 😨

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Hi this last week was a lot like


This blog would have been completely different if I wrote this in the first half of the week because … well I think a lot more people are going to read this so I don’t want to write everything at the very beginning rather I will hide it somewhere in the middle 😝

Personal Highlights

Let’s try out the usual format of highlight

    I didn’t write anything other than my last week’s blog and theoughout the week I didn’t feel like writing, However this is going to change from next week as I bring my word counter back ….

    Hmmm one thing that I understood this week is how important it is to read something related to the problem/question/confusion that we are facing, like last week I was able to finish a book in a day because it was very much related to my agenda.

    But this week when I tried to read animal farm I wasn’t able to connect it with anything and therefore didn’t quite feel like reading. I did read 20 pages yesterday tho but still I was pretty inconsistent throughtout the week.

    I am not saying to read only something related to the challenges we face because in that case no one would buy fiction I am just saying since this week was kinda diff from my usual week so I kinda found it difficult to read. I will finish animal farm by next week and then hunt my amazon book wishlist in hopes of finding something that I am relating to or feeling.

    I did not meditate in the first half of the week but then started doing it again from Thursday as I saw my mood improve drastically, now tbh I am not going to co-relate them and give meditation the credit, I am confused tbh I think I started meditation after my mood started improving and not vice versa, but doing it made my mood even better.


    This was the only thing that stayed consistent even when I was sad and I am very happy about it


    I did practice almost every day and some days even twice.


I have reached a stage where I am not learning any new key or chord but pracising different songs with the ones I know.

I think this practise will continue for quite sometime now. Maybe till march

I am planning to share a bit of what I practise in here from now on.

Here’s a small sample :

Hopefully I will improve over time 🤪

    I kinda lacked in this but still tried to sleep 7+ hours everyday…

Yesterday however my sleep broke after 5 ½ hours and I felt its effect while practising keyboard in the morning.

Sleep schedule isn’t exactly fucked up but it has kinda shifted by a bit, will try and bring it to normal.

Alright now about that job thingy…

So I got hired …. But …. Not like how I expected ….

It’s more of like I got hired as a part time freelancer in the company and not like you know a core member of the company … idk if it makes sense.

This is also the reason why I was sad when I published my last blog… but then I got a call the next day and the terms changed a bit which didn’t quite make me happy but it was better than the original one.

Well I haven’t worked for a week there yet so idk if I should be judging it but the thing is they haven’t actually realized my value … They see me as just some random video editor and not like how I see myself… maybe because I am guessing they haven’t seen my past work or the kind of impact I have had on video editing in the field of memes in India. But that’s alright I will act like a weak newbie and pretend to climb the corporate ladder 🤭

I want to write more about it and explain it in details but I don’t think it would be a nice idea, also I might get fired XD

So I will write it in my journal and share it after my 4 month ka contract is over.
But for now I am excited to start working from tomorrow and here’s me hoping the get the lead actor ka role by joining a movie crew as the spot-boy 😋

Will share my 1st week’s experience next week and will also be able to predict how much time I will be able to dedicate to other things.

Thoughts from the past week

Seeing my mood go from bad to normal over the course of the week I kinda felt a bit confused about everything.

But one thing is for sure that good and bad moods are very temporary, However the actions that I take during those will have its consequences long after moods are gone.

Idk how to explain my confused thoughts from the week maybe if I had written it down in my journal I could have explained it better here 😥srry

Will make sure I write it everyday from next week on. 🤧


Small creators should not care if their content is valuable or not because they are just starting out and they can only learn to provide value by doing it in the first place so yes they will have to make shit content now to provide value in the future.

But still they should aim to provide value, as much as they can.

Social Media updates

I tweeted this earlier this after recovering from my 3 days ka sadness phase.

And decided I ll use twitter this year primarily to pursue this I mean obv twiiter wont help me get these done but I ll share stats related to these there more often.

I feel like I have a decent amount of following there and I don’t think I need more than that.

I also feel quite privileged to have such a number because I had gained like 600-700 twitter followers by just keeping the link in my youtube description and website and nothing else XD

Most people start with like 20-30 followers and I don’t even remember having those numbers in my current twitter account.

Active Side Project update

So as you might be knowing my job starts tomorrow and so I took this week kinda off from editing to gear myself a bit more creatively.

I will get back to working on meme music mashup from Saturday.

And will share the new working routine around it next week.

My Favourites from the Week

Blog/Articles 📑

No More “Struggle Porn”
By Nat Eliason


Creators 🤹🏻

Nat Eliason


I found him via his blog and then I watched his yt videos and found them to be very nice.

They are very well scripted but not as polished as a ali abdal or Thomas frank video.

But still I would say quality stuff.

Do checkout his blogs if you are into reading.

Apps 📱


I was actually going to recommend this like 3-4 months ago but then didn’t feel like as yall wouldn’t take me seriously but look how things turned out to be now

Songs 🎶

They are going to delete this song because its on top charts and its way too edgy for them[band] and I kinda agree but if you like edgy songs then give this a listen maybe before they remove it from spotify

Podcast 🎙

Didn’t listen to any podcast as I was busy listening to

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers Audible Logo Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

Oh and yes this is my 1st audio book of the year… planning to finish this by end of jan.

Quotes from the week📃

Not a single quote but a series of good tweets

Came across this Ankur Warikoo recently, Thanks to @Anosher, Looking forward to see more of his stuff.

Memes/Edits from the last week 🐒

Very tired rn plus its already late [11:15pm] 🥶

Will update memes here tomorrow check it out if you want for now watch the recommended yt videos maybe 😤

Update: Finally added the memes on 16/01/21 XD: Here

Also I forgot to share this podcast that I did with @Anosher 2 weeks ago XD

Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

  • Getting all habits back to track
  • And adjusting them with my new work life which is going to start from tomorrow.
  • Also writing at least 1500 words throughout the week.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, hope you found something of value from it.

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