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Week 23 – Welcome December

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This week was one of the busiest weeks, that I have had in a while.

And not the lot of work type of busy, but busy as in I had work every day,

Tasks related to the video editing project that I was completing.

I have almost finished it, I will be done with it by Tuesday and then I will be a free man, I am really excited to transition to this new phase of me not having to think about it. Because even though it was related to editing, I wasn’t really enjoying it.

Update [Monday]: I wrote this yesterday and was expecting to publish it yesterday, but unfortunately had to give more time to my work, and by the time I was done I didn’t feel like publishing it because I didn’t have the required energy to run final checklist and add memes.

Personal Highlights


I wrote on my notion journal every day, not as much as I wanted to but certainly on an average more than the last week.

writing w2


Ok hear me out on this… last week I had completed 4 chapters of the book Immortals of meluha and I was on chapter 5’s beginning of this week ,,, and guess which chapter I am on right now?




rick 18

This is the most fun I have ever had while reading [I don’t remember much from my childhood days of reading I wasn’t much of a reader … or that’s what I told myself] mainly because before this all i read was fiction

But for real though I really did not expect reading fiction to be this great, this switch from non-fiction to fiction was like having a games period in school ka time table :P

I read 14 chapters and around 170 pages which Is def more than my goal of reading 5 pages every day when I first started reading after a while, this October.

But the words are bigger and more spaced out in this book though. Still it doesn’t change the fact that I have been having a lot of fun reading it.


Meditated every day for almost 10Mins, Not really making any visible progress but I don’t expect anything from it. I just do it coz its cool among productive people 😎💅.
med 20

They say you will start getting the benefits once you learn How to meditate which I am sure I will learn if I continue trying every day, let’s see where meditating or at least trying to meditate leads me 🤧

I tried a new app for only a day, it was nice but I like calm more, I will however try out different apps after I am done with the 30days introduction course in calm.


Didn’t run a lot, But my new min default is 3Km which is nicer 🏃‍♂‍

runing dec1


Practised keyboard 5/6 days [excluding today]
It wasn’t much, but this is much better than the last few months where I did not play it at all.

Also I use an app to practise playing keyboard so my playing time is in the records 😌

keyboard w1

Playing an instrument with a habit based system sounds like a chore rather than a thing anyone interested in music would do…
But I am not that deeply passionate aur mujhe taana nhi sunna parents ka ki itne paiso se lia hi kiu jab bajana nhi tha 💀💀

That is why I slapped it on my habit tracker, just to be technically more consistent 🤠

I am sure one day I wont have to see it as an habit and I ll be simply able to sit infront of any paino and play it. But first I must force it 😤


Oh god oh fucj I kinda fucked this up way more this week

Didn’t sleep on time[9:30pm] plus woke up a bit late

😔😔😔 Mainly because of my work… and… no more excuses 😤😤😤

Imma kill myself if I don’t bring it back to sleeping at 9:30 and waking up at 5:30

Thoughts from the past week

When we keep talking about a particular idea/philosophy/thought, our ability to explain it gets better which is a nice thing because it gives us clarity and we can explain it better to others,

but its also kinda risky because if it’s a bad/wrong idea then we will just make it stronger in our heads which could lead to some trouble for us.


Emotional unavailability a utility for productivity.

When we are emotionally unavailable we don’t feel the need to interact or demand attention of any other person, which is such a nice thing.

Idk for some reason, I have been very emotionally unavailable lately 🤪

Not only that I don’t even feel like texting most of my friends/people I used to talk to regularly a few months back.
Its kinda nice for me but I do hope they don’t feel or think that I ignore them or something 🤐

Also like most other things I feel like it’s a phase and not an identity trait.

So if you are emotionally unavailable rn like most singles out there then don’t write it in your insta bio 💀💀
Everything is temporary 😌

Social Media updates

As usual no post,

but expect a post this week… and to get a notification every time I post.

Join my Discord server:

My Favourites from the Week

Blog(s)/Article(s)s 📑

How to Develop a Daily Writing Habit


I turned off youtube feed and recommendation, and so ended up watching videos from creators whom I enjoy watching or the ones I search for.

These first two videos are the same but I felt happy when I saw an Indian channel[2nd video] making a better and more informed video on the topic.

The first one is a lil more optimistic but still it lacked few social insights which were provided by sira in the 2nd one 😄

I watched this video and started working whenever I didn’t feel motivated enough 🤭

Maybe one day I ll make a video of this sort where I sit for hours and record myself working, I really like these kinda videos for some reason.

Alight enough with info time for some entertaining videos :

This last video has a special place in my heart 🤧

Creators 🤹🏻

Should I share about big personalities and not just small content creators ? lemme know in comments / DMs

Apps 📱


This is a very powerful file and application search utility for windows.

It’s basically like Alfred for mac, which Ali abdal keeps promoting 🤬
Came across this app after watching this video:

The app which they shared in this video was not working properly for me so I did a of research and installed listary.


Spotify wrapped came out this week… I did not find anyone’s stat even moderately till I saw my stats and then it kinda became a trend of sharing and then I saw a few of my internet friend’s and kinda found it be be interesting lol.

Here’s my Spotify 2020 wrapped

Podcast 🎙

I did not listen to any podcast from start to finish this week, listened to 3 of them aadha aadha …
Will share those next week once I complete them.

However, I did listen to this video completely while running so I consider this as a podcast

This was very nice to listen to and unlike podcast where they discuss a lot of other topics this video stuck to just meditation which I loved about it.

Quotes from the week📃

Got a call this week from a relative where we kinda tried talking about my future …
I did not have anything strong to say but after a few days I came across this

So I sort of find this quote relatable in some ways …

One more quote this week, because the heading reads Quotes with an s at the end 😝

Memes/Edits/Interesting stuff 🐒

Top 3 MEMES from the week:

More memes from the week: Here

Goal(s) for the next week 🥅

No new goals for the next week.

I want to fix my sleep schedule first, like I said need to make the changes slowly and so I don’t want to force add new things on top of my habit stack.


It’s monday afternoon already, I kinda over delayed it coz a friend came to my place and i decided to clean my computer and table with him 🤭

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Thanks for reading this week’s blog, Hope you found something of value from it.

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