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Week 18 – Changed Man

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This past week was .. I don’t know it sort of changed my life tbh

Personal Highlights

  • I will go ahead and share my fitness shid before moving on with what changed me

    o I was able to reach my weekly goal of 10km running this week. Screenshot below

    week 2 Running stats

Thoughts from the past week

Aight now that we are done with that I will move to the next big thing of this week and probably the only significant thing happened this week, which sort of changed me

So it is related with forgiving and letting go of the past, I know the concept is very popular but I sort of did not find it applicable for me.

There is something so good about holding grudge and being angry at someone, I mean movies kinda portrays it as a very common thing and I was sold on the idea of it too, atleast for a while for 1.5 years to be precise.

So long story short, because obviously I don’t wana give away a lot of personal info out here.

It goes something like I got a text from a friend on Thursday, it was the first time in 1.5 years that I got a text from that person, and the reason for such a big gap was because I was mad at that person, truth be told I hated that person and it was the only person I hated.

but upon getting the text after 1.5 years, I did not wanted to just ignore it, like I would have done if it was last year. So I replied back, and got a heartfelt apology from that person.

And then I talked for some more time and tried to understand the situation and the circumstances.
Its not like I didn’t know anything I knew most of it but deep down there was a desire to hear it from the person.

I could have never guessed how an apology from a person can make such a difference in my life, but it did. Not in any small way in a big way tbh, I finally accepted everything and decided to let go of my fictious hate and anger. And it felt like a heavy weight got lifted of my shoulder. And this was probably one of the biggest thing that could happen to me emotionally this year. And for this I cant thank that person enough

Well now I don’t have anyone to hate tho :( that’s kinda sad I guess XD


Memes shouldn’t require IQ. It’s a joke not a problem to solve.

Like I get it, its satisfying to come up with an solution and so you feel good when you are shown a complex scientific/mathematics related meme.
Memes are supposed to be something that’s sort of like an inside joke,
so what a creator needs to target is not IQ but rather memory, like inclusion of references/ easter eggs and shiz … you get my point right ?
what I mean is don’t try to be like PCMB memes πŸ’€

Social Media updates

Posted quite a lot of stuff this week

Got so happy this week that I decided to make a few stuffs for the page, also I had comparatively less work this week so πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
Man it feels good to post whatever the fuck comes in my mind, maybe I ll post more this month in my spam account hehe

My Favourites from the Week


Sorry wasn’t able to read any of them, I did however continue reading homo deus tho and I read a lot of phyllophyte altering stuffs, I will share them in ig story next week.


tman best as always 😭 love him

Priyal dhuri gave me a shoutout on his insta story so main v kr rha hu uska video share Ehsaan barabar 🀝

I am kidding ofc we know each other from 2017 😀😀

Cool Apps πŸ“±


Jay Kapoor made a video on it too


Memes/Edits/Interesting stuff

|Had a few technical difficulties last week and the week before with the blog and was forced to remove the Instagram embeds[memes]. But its all fixed now,
|and you can go have a look at the memes and edits featured last week
|and the week before

Goal(s) for the next Month

I don’t have any particular goals for the next week, taking a week off from goal chasing.

Also I totally forgot about my goal of arranging files and folder this past week XD

Since today is the starting of a new month, I will set up a monthly goal and my goal for this month is to run 50Km in total, lets see if I can do it or not 🀠

If there’s one thing that you want to takeaway from blog then it isn’t wait for someone to apologize, its rather if you have ever done anything bad to anyone whether intentionally or unintentionally then go try to talk to them and apologize, you will end up creating a lot of peace and happiness in their life.

PS: you don’t have to signup to comment just use any random email and name, the Plugin doesn’t cross-check.

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