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Thoughts on my future freelance gigs

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Ok, so this is a rough thought blog sort of idk what to call it. I just wrote all this in my weekly blog and decided it wasn’t an ideal fit for it and this text was better off being in a separate blog, so I made a new post and pasted it all down.

These are my thoughts surrounding “What type of freelance work I want to be doing in the coming days and how I have developed a dislike for working with clients who don’t pay much.”
I did not develop these thoughts in an instant. This has been a long time coming and I decided to finally write it to calm my mind from not thinking about it again and again.

Yesterday when I was going to my relative’s place I was listening to a podcast while on the bus and then I came across a place in the podcast where they said they pay 30k dollars per month to the agency that edits their video for social media and those are small 1-2 mins vids … 20-25 videos per month and just for that they pay 30grands and what’s crazy is that the people to whom they pay they don’t even edit, they have hired people from Philippines who edit it for them and listening to all these made me idk how to describe …

While I was returning from there later last night, I kept thinking about the number 30k so much so that in the hour-long bus ride I did not put on my earphones or looked at my phone screen. I just kept thinking that people with a similar set of skills as me can get paid that much, and I was thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t be working for way more and I couldn’t think of any reasons.

I know being humble and putting your head down and working takes you a long way in life but I have been doing that for the last 3 years and isi chakkar main mera meme page v inactive ho gya and neither did I make a lot of money nor did I gain any sick skills, whereas these 21–22 year old kids from the US are just hiring people from 3rd world country and getting paid 100x more than me….

It isn’t about life being unfair its about me not knowing how much potential I can provide to the right people in the right place and so that is what I want to be focusing on … on researching and finding out places from where I can get paid a lot more instead of working for fucking 800rs per video.

This is def not the first time that I got to know how much they pay. I have been hearing claims of people outside India paying a lot for quite a while now. Even last week in the video that I shared in my blog the guy told how he manages to get the US clients and how well they pay.
And even before this, a few months back, when I read Varun Mayya’s book I got to know a lot about the US companies and the list goes on and on.

From where I see, It seems absolute foolish to know about the possibilities and still not pursue them just because not doing that and working for other cheap work is simply much easier.

I think I need to read a bit more about negotiating and market value before I can pitch my services to people in the US. Oh and not to mention I also need to improve my speaking skills 😓

It’s not rocket science or that I have to be a millionaire to do it. I just need to figure out HOW?!

How do I reach out to people from outside India who can pay me more…. Because I am sick and tired of editing for Indians who don’t see the value in work and what’s worse is since they have a limited requirement and limited payment, my skills get capped and I haven’t been able to fully utilize the editing skills which I learnt back in 2018. How the fuck should I be using those skills if I don’t even get 1/100th of what I know others are getting paid.

It is easy to be humble, keep your head low and work as much as you can when you don’t know about the options and possibilities, but once you know you just can’t work like how the exploiting world wants you to work.

I also published this on medium and this happens to be my first post there

Anyway that was about it for this rant sort of blog I guess idk i dont have anyother platform where I could share all these so … Thanks for reading I hope I have brain washed you to be a 🦁 instead of a 🐄 …. Joke ref Ok bye

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