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How my blogs are helping me

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As you might have noticed in the last few blogs I have been very consistent with my habit of running, waking-up time, and even reading.

Thanks to my habit of setting goals in the blog,

PS: I have even been meditating around 10mins since Monday.

Ngl those are some impressive habits to have even for a big memelord like me 👉😎👈 XD JK

When I started writing here I did not expect all these changes to come so easily,

My aim for writing my blogs has been to archive my past publicly for the future,

My target audience are bots from the future who will go through all the stuff and simplify it for other humans who wants to know about my past.

I don’t think I have ever shared this publicly but yes this is the aim and I understand how far-sighted and optimistic this goal is,

I mean if I don’t become famous or something in the future 😹 No one is going to read.

But unfortunately, if I do end up becoming one then I hope these blogs will serve as a guide to being awesome like TRB 😎👈 to the people of the future.
So part of the reason as to why I think I have been so successful with all these is because I have shared about it here with you all, which kinda made me more accountable.

But what’s more interesting part is how my lifestyle has slowly changed from the time that I started writing weekly blogs.

If you read my blogs from July and August, you will see how I didn’t do any of these but always kinda wanted to do it, and so I started to implement one change at a time slowly optimizing and sharing it all through my blogs.

The self-help arch of my lifestyle is pretty evident to anyone reading my blogs, I won’t say like it was unplanned, because in my mind I have always been optimistic about the future, and so making all these changes like waking up early and stuff was always my goal.

But writing about it here has helped me achieve those faster than I anticipated.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any one-action solution for anyone reading my blogs, but I hope if you keep reading them overtime I can slowly inspire you to become a little better. Because change according to me comes after we are exposed to an idea over a certain amount of time.

Not a promise or anything it’s just that I think if I continue writing not only will I get better at writing but I will also be able to express my ideas much nicely, which as of now I am not that good at yet.

This blog is basically like an update blog and I just wanted to share how happy I have been with the positive changes in my life which I partially attribute to my blogs, ofc I took the decision of writing them every week despite a lot of confusions and so far the decision has been very fruitful.

I started writing this particular blog with hope of sharing like a embedded google sheet link of my meditation and running stats live-update-summary.

But I think I am better off sharing those in my weekly highlights rather than some all in one link here.


Lemme know if I should like make a link/blog like where you can see my report daily. Not sure if that will be a great idea even though that was among my this week’s goal lol.

Thanks for reading this short update blog, stay tuned for this week’s blog on Sunday, even though I don’t have anything interesting to share this week 🥱 Just like every other week ahahahaha.

Before signing off I would like to clear one more thing and that is my aim was to never look at people who read my blogs now because like I said it’s targeted to the future, but I can’t help but notice people who read it now and appreciate me for it, I have also received quite a few heartwarming messages on Instagram of people saying how they enjoy reading my blogs
and I am like “bruh😹 plus some insecurity wale lines.txt” 🥱

The thing is I am not looking for gaining audience or something with these blogs and that Is why I don’t promote it aggressively, still sometimes I get influenced by others and end up sharing links in my insta story 😤 which is fine i guess I can promote these blogs once in a while in my profile, as long as it attracts only people who know me because I am afraid of people coming and saying “kya show off kar rha hain”

These blogs are not for showing off I just try to share my mini achievements which I work hard on and I hope it inspires others too, I understand some of it seems very basic to others and some very complicated but its not the task that I want to promote it’s the mental model behind achieving those and I think it’s going to take some time for anyone new at it.

So before I close this blog I would like to thank each and every one of you who comments on/ reads my blogs.

These blogs are in their infancy now and I hope you enjoy seeing them slowly evolve as much as I am going to.

Maybe in the future if I do a giveaway or something, I can be a little biased towards ya’ll 😈

It’s a joke but

I thought I didn’t need you guys till you guys showed up 🤧❤

so Thank you !!!

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